A quick measure of your worth, like it or not.

I had this idea some time ago, while talking to a friend about personal income and its relevance while courting a mate. I came up with the hypothetical over dinner. What if we all just walked around with our income flashing over our heads? Like a ticker tape…Constantly adjusting, but clear to those that pass by us on the streets, or those we sit next to at the local pub. Imagine going to a night club like this. You’re in your early twenties, so obviously most would be college students and their “personal” income may be quite low, because their parents own income wouldn’t register. (This would be a very honest system!) Then you’d have the people in their mid-late twenties, maybe with there entry level jobs out of college. 35-60K a year flashing in front of them as they order their mid-late twenties drinks. A mass of people scanning around, much like we all do online with facebook and myspace. Looking for favorable stats, before we flirt in any way. No more randomness in courting, just calculative moves – For the economy is getting tighter and naturally personal efficiency must rise to the occasion.

But also consider job fairs. People walking in all polished and ready to go with resume in hand, but clearly they’ve been out of work for some time as their flashing figure can only put out 4 figures. (I guess a savings application would be available too) Then would future employers be able to sift through the dilligent and compulsive in the crowd?

So this is my second proposed invention. “The flashing incomonator”. Sounds a little harsh, but it’s a start. I’d love to see people interact under this manifold. You’d have these hansom jocks walking around, strutting their stuff in bars/clubs and their income may be significantly lower than someone with lesser looks sitting in the corner. How would the age old “looks matter, but…” hold up? I’m not really sure. The awkwardness of such a way of living would take some time to catch on, but mankind is so receptive to anything with Apple sprayed on to it, that with the right marketing, it might become hip.

Of course you’d have the option to turn it on or off. But if everyone was doing it and it did become hip, would you really go to these known clubs or bars were figures would be readily flashing? You’d soon have to get with it or your social life could be hurting.

Girl approaches Boy: “Well it looks like I’ll buy the first few rounds..”


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