from “white noise” by Don Delillo

“He was a serious man, he was matter-of-fact and practical, down to his running shoes. I wondered about his eerie self-assurance, his freedom from doubt. Is this the point of Armageddon? No ambiguity, no more doubt. He was ready to run into the next world. He was forcing the next world to seep into my consciousness, stupendous events that seemed matter-of-fact to him, self-evident, reasonable, imminent, true. I did not feel Armageddon in my bones but I worried about all those people who did, who were ready for it, wishing hard, making phone calls and bank withdrawals. If enough people want it to happen, will it happen? How many people are enough people? Why are we talking to each other from this aboriginal crouch?” (p.132)

I’m half way through this semi-philosophical book that was written in the mid 80s. I feel that this passage really fleshes out how a lot of rational people feel about the world and overly religious zealots. I look forward to reading more from Don Delillo. I actually discovered him from a “top 100 novels of the 20th century” post from which I found through, a great site when you’ve seemingly reached the end of the web.


One thought on “from “white noise” by Don Delillo

  1. White Noise is one of my favorite novels. I love the business about Hitler Studies vs. Elvis Studies. ‘Underworld’ is another great one by DeLillo.

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