predictions for ’09 and beyond (taken with a dose of humor)

“Chase Corp.”

people will walk around with their debt and earnings on their foreheads, in a digital format. in this way we will be able to avoid so many useless hours of give and take conversation about one’s financial position and really just cut to the chase.

“hook up bars”

people will eventually go to bars, cafes, or restaurants and just hook up to each other. we will all have usb ports implanted in us when we are young. (like the matrix movies) this will allow us to take multi-tasking to the next degree. sitting with someone at dinner, both of you just thinking to have conversation. eating your meal, talking on the phone, looking at the scene…not a word exchanged. ummm…

“once the dinosaurs move over and our gen. takes up office…”
marijuana will eventually be sold in health food stores, as a “relaxer” much like other herbs that dont share the notorious title.

“USB revolution”

Cd stores will be eradicated as every kind of music file will be received digitally. Book stores much the same. In fact most retail stores will not be able to pay rent because of a declining economy and digital will rule the media sector almost completely.

“Chase Field in Phoenix…more than a ball field?”

As the climate worsens, dome cities will be experimented with. much like the baseball or football domes that exist now, just on a larger scale. babies will be brought up in this environment, only learning about the “outer earth” through images and video.


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