Conspiracy Coldplay?

 ” Yellow brought in some good coin…This may even work too…Umm”

First we have the Coldplay/Kraftwerk comparison. “Talk” by Coldplay and “Computer love” by Kraftwerk. I understand the limited amount of pop chord progressions, but when you have a melody this similar you begin to wonder…It’s like Coldplay took a page out of a slick rap producer, where all is fair game. But please judge for yourself, it’s kind of comical.


Coldplay Vs. Joe Satriani. Satchmo just sued the band for plagarism. And considering that Satriani is a Berkelee grad. and overal virtuoso for the last 20 plus years, I think he has a pretty good ear for when a melody/progression is truly ripped off as compared to being slightly influential to an artist.


2 thoughts on “Conspiracy Coldplay?

  1. I understand they received credit for it. I was just making the point that there may be a track record with phishing around for riffs. Plus I think the Kraftwerk riff is a lot more dead on than the Satriani one.

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