attempted murder over a guitar riff

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(House of Rock) Taking the genre name way too seriously, according to The Guestlist and various Italian media reports, 19-year-old Italian death metal singer Cristina Balzano has been arrested for stabbing the guitarist in her band Soul Cry after he fluffed a guitar riff.

Balzano allegedly stabbed the 16-year-old guitarist for playing the wrong notes during a rehearsal session after accusing him of “sounding evil.”(Isn’t that the point?) Balzano has now been charged by Genovese police for attempted murder.

And you thought Mick & Keith, The Davies brothers and the Gallaghers had the worst fights. – More Nightwatcher’s House of Rock!


That infamous Italian temper so well portrayed in the Sopranos and a slew of movies over the years finds its way into high school rock and roll. This made me chuckle a bit especially the line about it “being too evil”. Like this pansy singer couldn’t take a certain combination of notes, it was just too crushing to her emotional state, so she flat out stabs him. And now she’s up for attempted murder LOL. Now this is a case I would have loved to have seen on my new favorite show “Boston Legal”.


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