How come the grammys end up where they started?

I thought Thom Yorke and Johnny Greenwood’s appearance at the Grammy’s, gave the whole night its really only raw musical presentation. Just Johnny and his vox, while Thom was free to roam and do his thing. (He looked closer to the Thom of the “Pablo Honey” era with all of the hair; minus it being blonde) The USC marching band must have caught everyone off guard, as it added a lighter air to the often “dark, moody” vibe the band receives in general.


It was funny in the lead up to the Grammy’s being aired or really even during the show, for about the first hour and a half there wasn’t even a mention of Radiohead performing? It was really only about 15 mins. before they went on that they were said to be coming up. In a way it’s kind of amusing how they played the awards show, considering their means of distribution for “in rainbows.” The Grammy’s are clearly all about the big label acts, as they try ever so desperately to milk whatever they can out of Mccartney die-hards and whoever is still left from the Kidrock crowd of the 90s. (and he’s in his Gospel phase now?) Plus their new Michael Jackson in Kayne West – glove and all

The Grammy’s are really about honoring the established pop acts that support their crumbling industry. John Mayer, Justin Timberlake, Kenny Chesney, Stevie Wonder, Neil Diamond, what use to be of Whitney Houston, and I guess Jamie Foxx?

Don’t get me wrong, Radiohead is very mainstream in the main scheme of things. Even the fact that they decided to play was kind of interesting considering how anti-big music/awards/interviews they’ve been for so long. Maybe that’s what I love about the band. They constantly skirt the line between approaching music independently, appearing on movie soundtracks, appearing at awards shows, and recently dropping their ties with a major label in Capitol.

It’s all so entertaining.


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