All of Metallica gets inducted into the Rock Hall of Fame.

Besides the pioneers of metal, Black Sabbath, Metallica now reigns as the sole “heavy metal” group in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame; a band that has certainly gone through many mutations from its original lineup. A touching and restrained induction speech was lead by Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, as well as a heartfelt take on what late bassist Cliff Burton meant to the band.

“Cliff Burton was an outstanding, superb, deep, and wicked virtuoso of a bass player. Every Cliff Burton solo I’ve ever heard is a soulful, psychedelic, head banging expression that rocks your world, trips your brain out, and gets the house rocking. A beautiful piece of music played by an awesome rocker of a young man, masterpiece of a human being.”

The band was joined on stage by former bassist Jason Newsted and you can sense the goodwill in the air, as Jason gave thanks to the band and Metallica’s army of loyal fans over the years. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is really a special night for fans, as it allows bands like Metallica – “Heavy Metal Gods” aside – a chance for each member to imbue a genuine sense of gratitude similar to Oscar speeches. However as compared to a single movie, how do you really sum up a career spanning over 20 years with over 90 million albums sold?

By performing of course.

Metallica rocked out in fine form to two of its more memorable tracks, “Master of Puppets” and of course “Enter Sandman.” It’s true that time can heal all at times, as Newsted joined Trujillo on bass shouting “master, master” during the chorus, with the same amount of intensity he must have had when joining the band in 1986.


One thought on “All of Metallica gets inducted into the Rock Hall of Fame.

  1. Hi Sam!

    I apologize for leaving public comment on your blog, but I didn’t see an email for you! As you know the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony is over. 😦 But fans of the 2009 Inductees can still participate in the celebrating the artists (including Metallica)! The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has created a digital monument for the 2009 Inductees called Rock Immortal. The website is a monument created by the fans. Fans can upload videos, audio, photos, and write notes to honor the artists. It would be awesome if you could pass this website on to your readers!

    You can access Rock Immortal here:

    Social Media Release:

    \m/ Rock On,
    Rachel Wishart
    American Pop

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