Just like lacing up the musical skates

Yesterday marked a day of renewal. Matt, Zach, and myself joined forces again and assembled in my basement, home of many musical creations and in general good times. The short of it being Matt moving to Florida for 3 years and playing drums in the band Cadence Wednesday. Zach joined the Marines and had quite an experience in Okinawa, Japan. I took an excursion to Phoenix, Arizona having no real ties to Massachusetts upon graduating from Umass. So we all bounced around a bit and got outside of a narrow New England mindset.

We all played together in the band “Foster” for close to 2 years and at the time we were just starting to grow as musicians. Our heads were clearly in putting together songs and we were quite naive in the context of promotion and finding shows. Any musician is aware of the great gap between paid original gigs and paid cover gigs. I suppose it’s been this way for quite some time and I haven’t awoken to it within the last 10 years. Everyone has their own theories behind this apparent fact. I think the point is to not over think the process of writing music and just to live in the musical moment the best you can. Of course there’s a business side to almost any relationship, but if that’s where your head is entirely at the start, then how can you not sell out creatively?

It’s a process and I suppose we’ve all just slammed on the reset button again. But oh how good it feels



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