Man Vs. Food: You Jane me Tarzan!

Series host Adam Richman grew up in Brooklyn, New York, completed his undergraduate degree in International Studies at Emory University in Atlanta, GA, and earned a master’s degree from the Yale School of Drama.[2] A self-educated food expert, since 1995 he has kept a travel journal including each of the restaurants he visited and what he learned from the trip. (

We are Devo! We are Devo!

By now the 4th of July Nathan’s Hot Dog eating contest has gone big time. ESPN now picks up the annual event and I wouldn’t be surprised if there are local off shoots of the event around the country/world. I’ve watched the show “Man Vs. Food” on the Travel Channel a few times and there’s really only one premise to it. The host, Adam Richman, travels throughout the US and goes to diners and restaurants to try out their “big food” item. He usually attempts to beat the previously held record of let’s say 16 chili dogs in one sitting, a 72 ounce steak with fixings in one hour, or the The Sasquatch Hamburger, a total of 7.5 pounds including 4 pounds of beef, 1.5 pounds of vegetables, and a 2 pound bun, at Big Foot Lodge – Memphis, TN.

Only in America could an undergrad. student in International Studies get his own Cable show where he gets to force down tasty American fare on each episode. Give the people what they want! Apparently voyeurism knows no limits and why should it really.

Future travel channel ideas:  A group of elderely people are given an unlimited amount of chips to play slots in Vegas. Who will stay awake the longest with hand securely on lever? Your host, Mr. Don Rickles!

Or 4 frat guys are sent to Japan to see who can sleep with the most prostitutes in one episode! Your host, TV’s favorite  late night comic Dane Cook!


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