New Muse song “uprising”…ehhh

The Muse sound is Emo in a lot of ways. Matt Bellamy’s range hovers right around falsetto and most of the words he sings on this new track from Muse’ fifth album “The Resistance” – are pretty indistinguishable. But this is true with most of the band’s work. Don’t get me wrong, seeing them live is really the experience to be had. The stage lights, especially surrounding Bellamy’s keyboard, responding to each key in real time is really something.

There records are just too dense and distorted to be fully ingested through computer speakers. Although it does say a lot for a 3 piece band. I’m kind of undecided about this new track. I was more into their sound about 4-5 years ago.

I think their overall sound translates to a 15-22 crowd in general. (When have you ever seen that demographic expressed in writing?) Bellamy’s voice is high on drama and supposed purpose song after song, similar to Morrissey in a way. However Morrissey seems more into satire and even mocking his own self-righteousness at times.


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