Yoko, just “let it be” – “yes is the answer” and all the rest


Seems like Yoko Ono’s famous controlling demeanor crept up again, via the new rock band beatles.

I also had a great idea for up and coming bands. Or I guess this would be aimed towards bands with a lot of money growing up. What a great promotional tool Rockband would be for an up and coming band. Instead of selling your CD at concerts you could just sell your bands songs in a rock band format…allowing your fans to interact with your likeness. I’d say in about 5 years from now the cost of doing this may become more feasible.

Take it as some kind of prediction though. The major acts are entering the fold of virtual representation, so naturally its only a matter of time before smaller acts follow suit.

“Why would you want to pay 75 bucks to see BrainChild at the Mcdonalds Center?”

“You’re right they just released their new album through rock band. Let’s just sit back and experience them digitally”

“Hell ya!”

—–So goes the live show. Kind of an extreme statement, but better living through Binary Code?


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