street music makers – downtown leominster


Last night me and my friend Zach pulled out the guitars and literally went to town, also musically. It was great just to play raunchy improvised blues progressions with some lead playing on the tele. (Also Zach with his wayfarer shades)

We even made about 3 bucks from passerby’s, rubbernecks, and gawkers galore. One kid even got out of his car to throw a buck and some change into my case. After we decided on a bench to play on, almost out of nowhere, a professional photographer appeared and took our picture! Kind of surreal, but really great. I guess she had done work for Queensryche in the past. (her website:

My index finger even started to bleed after playing so hard on the acoustic; it was a real hoot.

But in general this idea of spontaneous live music has all but left these streets of central MA or never really existed in the first place. In Boston your mind automatically goes to the T and all the street musicians that even have licenses to perform underground; for some I even understand it’s their only full-time job. Of course the more crowded a populace, the more you’re forced or choose to interact with street musicians. But with a city like Leominster, population around 50K, well spread out, and mostly an aging population I understand the lack of more outgoing artistic personalities.


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