Spacebook: the coming revolution

So here is my basic premise for “spacebook”. It would operate much in the same way that facebook does. The major difference being the reach of users, as it would operate on more of a universal scale. But you must be thinking, well this isn’t that revolutionary, you’re just widening the scope of the application? Well yes and no. I would be widening the scope, but the information generated through the site would take on a much more flavorful tone. You see once our “other” selves are identified, the site can take root. Until then, this is all just theoretical. Sci-fi and paranormal theorists have often made correlations between our physical selves and our dimensional bodies, or higher/lower consciousness.

“spacebook” would allow users the ability to track their hellish and angelic sides. It would be a triumverate way of communicating with yourself. Of course each entity, or each you, would have free will, and it would no doubt be surreal to communicate with your other selves at first. Your angelic side might be off doing great philanthropic work. This could make you jealous and want to post demeaning things about him or you. So there would be jealousy and all the other human emotions at play. Where as your hellboy may be busy at the club, spreading his seed or possibly disease to all willing participants. This could infuriate you and leave you feeling helpless. However free will is always at play. You wouldn’t be required to be a part of “spacebook”, it would be your choice just like facebook is in disclosing information about your life.

The catch is this. Once you signed up, your two other sides would forever know of your existence and would have the ability to track you down throughout your life. However as the middle physical self, you would initiate this whole process. There would be no gathering of the hellboy and fairyboy in some purgatory realm. No nothing as dramatic as this. The technology will be created by physical man and only physical man will be able to access and start the process.

Now most will surely scoff at this idea and say it’s all rooted in Sci-fi nonsense. Of course most of it is. The practical aspects of course are in the year 2009. But Sci-fi writers have never been afraid to take leaps, it’s part of their genetic structure. Just allow these ideas to gestate in your mind and see where it takes you. I’ll have more to add to this, as this is merely an introduction to the coming revolution.

this could be a bit of precog on my part?


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