Facebook thought of the day

I’m very fascinated by social networking sites, especially Facebook and Myspace. It’s a phenomenon all to it’s own and I have the great privilege to live through it. (How great I’m not so sure?) But I had this idea surrounding Facebook.

What if all of this recording of data is really two fold in its implications. The first reason, which tends to be more cynical, airs like this. The internet is free to use, unregulated, and open to anyone with a computer – but only for a 15-20 year time period. During this period of time, data mining operations are set up across the world, and we are all being individually mined for later use. Whether it be for that government job interview, promotion, or in case of arrest, used against or for you in the court of law.

The second reason for it, which could tend to be more subconscious on a worldwide consciousness level, sounds something like this. All of this recording of data about ourselves, our pictures, our words of wisdom, quotes, are likes and dislikes, is data that we will thankfully have access to when we are much older. We may run into the much dreaded, but on the rise Alzheimer’s disease. Our family will pull up all our files and they will desperately try to get us to respond to anything from our earlier days. Alzheimer’s is a severe example. I should say any disease or accident that occurs, which impairs memory loss – like a stroke/acute amnesia of some sort?

So of course the glass is half full or half empty with both cases. The paradox of the first being that we have all this online freedom to represent our individuality, yet if its all just being used for market research and how to better take aim at our demographic, what are we sacrificing in the end?

Even through blogging here, I’m realizing that I’m too much of a paranoid cynic at times. Although these ideas really lead to sci-fi novels/movies. Maybe my kids will be entertained by them done the line. We shall see.


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