Van Halen, got it made, they’re hot for scalpers

Blabbermouth reports: According to a report in The Wall Street Journal, Van Halen netted an extra $1 million dollars in the fall of 2007 when up to 500 of the best seats to each of about 20 of the band’s concerts were pulled from the Ticketmaster system and passed directly to ticket scalpers. The brokers allegedly kept 30% of the marked-up sale price for themselves, and the remaining 70% was divided among Ticketmaster, the band and its handlers. The move, according to the report, was part of Ticketmaster’s initiative, codenamed “Project Showtime,” to capture a piece of the sky-high prices charged by scalpers, which can exceed a ticket’s face value by hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars.


Diamond Dave and Eddie pulling some hijinx with their own fans? And Ticketmaster? Of all corporations to be involved with such a move, I’m thoroughly surprised..It sounds like Eddie has some mob blood in him or something. I can imagine Diamond Dave coming up with this great way to make some extra dough, before the tour started. They’re all in some corporate room and D.Dave shuts and locks the door.

“Ok fellas, here’s how its gonna slide this time ’round! (Actually slides over to a dry erase board. Eddie gasps and just looks to the side. Alex is looking stoic as ever. And Wolfgang has a big shit-eating grin on.) I’ve come up with a 70 – 30 split that will be a sure fire way to sure up that prime Dubai real estate I’ve been gawking over! Are you with me? Ohhh it’s gonna be rich.”


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