Regina Spektor at the Calvin Theatre – Northampton, MA (10/12)

Regina Spektor was going through the motions. I’m sorry. She just seemed tired and kind of lethargic the whole time. I guess I expected a lot more inbetween banter..and expected her to be giggling and smiling broadly. At least this is the perception garnered from Youtube clips and interviews. None of that really. It just seems like her personality is more suited for a smaller club.
It could be that she really wants to be taken more serious as an artist and this expecting or demanding of an artist ill get into a bit later..

I don’t know whats going on in her head. Why speculate…a bunch of people were however blurting out the songs they wanted…as if they still wanted to retain a kind of club atmosphere. But Regina is on a big label now (since “Soviet Kitsch)..and it showed by her song selection. I’d say she played 11/12 songs off of her new album “far”. Some are ok..have even started to grow on “machine” and “man with 1000 faces”. But I had this thought of how labels must put it right into their contracts how artists will be given full promotional aid for upcoming albums, dependent upon said artist performing 90 percent of the album, night after night.

It’s like Ms. Spektor bit off the big apple (warner bros.) and here she is. (then again she was always billed as “anti-folk” which makes more sense now) For all i know, from the beginning, she was quirky and cute on stage. But in her heart of hearts, she really wanted to “make it” in the traditional sense. Of course certain fans that may have discovered the album “songs” wanted to hear more of this side of Regina. Even during the encore section one girl screamed out “consequence of sound”…it felt like a distant plea.  The whole night I wanted more “songs” songs. But this is very psychological I think. We usually discover a band or artist through a particular song or album..and that bond we have with it is quite tight.

Regina Spektor - Demo

I’ve never been a huge fan of shouting out at artists with what “you” want to hear. It’s our society at large, that makes this behavior more acceptable. We buy/download for free what we want musically speaking. Whether its 1 track, 7, or the whole thing. We are a very specific culture now with online commerce and if we pay a full ticket price, then dammit we want to hear those few songs that really do it for us! and i think the song “machine” speaks to this. Human jukebox, but we all serve somebody at the end of the day.

I know this all sounds overly negative. She is an extremely talented songwriter and that should never be taken for granted. I just feel like I missed the boat. It’s like you wished you would have gotten into a certain band/whatever when they were starting out. but this kind of logic never holds up. completely wishful thinking

Regina Spektor “Machine”

My eyes are bi-focal
My hands are sub-jointed
I live in the future
In my pre-war apartment

And I count all my blessings
I have friends in high places
And I’m upgraded daily
All my wires without traces

Hooked into machine
Hooked into machine
Hooked into machine
I’m hooked into
Hooked into

I collect my moments
Into a cold respondence
With a mightier power
Who just lacks my perspectives
And who lacks my organics
And who covets my defense
And I’m downloaded daily
I am part of a composite
Everything’s provided
Consummate consumer
Part of worldly taking
Apart from worldly troubles

Living in your pre-war apartment
Soon to be your post-war apartment
And you live in the future
And the future
It’s here
It’s bright
It’s now


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