Legalized Marijuana sales tax, to pay for public option?

(This is a basic proposal I wrote up for a course I’m taking in Technical Writing. I’ll post subsequent updates, as the project gets going, but this is the basic premise.)

In the last few years there has been more of an open discussion surrounding the legalization of marijuana. Various groups have become increasingly vocal about the issue and the general population is becoming more open-minded to the idea; at least starting with the use of marijuana in a medical setting.

My proposal is multi-layered and it would almost be a chain reaction type of directive. I propose that marijuana becomes legal for 2 years in Massachusetts. The tax revenue would go directly to funding a kind of “public option” for health insurance. Other states could sign on as well. So there would be two aspects to look into: Successfully passing legislation to legalize it and the possibility of defraying a lot of health care costs with this added revenue.

Other factors that would then come into play…

-Saving tax-payer money, by reducing prison inmates, as all drug offenses involving marijuana would no longer be prosecuted. There currently is a $100 fine imposed on an ounce or less, however this would be taken off the books.
-Government grade marijuana would be available, allowing users the foreknowledge of what they’re getting into.
-Drug cartels/Mexican border wars greatly diminsh/black market. (drug czar/narcs greatly reduced, again more tax-relief)

Much of the focus will be on Massachusetts as a pilot state, as this could get out of hand if I’m too broad with the implications I’m setting forth. I think the reality of this happening, depends on the full cooperation of a state, compared to making it legal on a federal level too soon. (Similar to what MA. has tried with mandatory health insurance regardless of the results)


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