The infamous 1-10 looks scale, in this internet age.

I now understand the “stay single” until you’re into your 30s mantra my generation is a part of. It’s not lack of variety, but an excess of variety, options, and details. Each user to any unique dating site is allowed the chance to pore over literally thousands of profiles with pictures. Pictures that paint the other person in a multitude of ways. Sometimes a person’s true weight is quite hard to discern with the right lighting, clothes, etc.

So my millenial generation is unique, in that it’s become almost a prerequisite to find a mate online, as meeting in a bar is “too sleazy” or short sighted. We pose in the most glamorous, young, and emboldened way we deem necessary for success – then shoot it all out for day after day critique.

I also came up with the theory concerning the famous 1-10 scale we’re quite comfortable in viewing our peers. Say a guy is a 5 or girl for that matter. By virtue of having so many choices and times to pore over profiles, it’s almost a guarantee that their computer driven ego and sense of entitlement will allow them to search hard for let’s say an 8 or 9. Becoming frustrated, this person crassly passes by possibilities (5,6, or maybe 7’s) This guy or girl is in a trap of their own design.

The difference with our parents generation, is that choice was severely limited. It really came down to who you knew in your small community or high school. Or maybe you would go to college, then have to pick from a few hundred possible mates to marry. With a limited field of contestants, you knew that your time frame was small, and you better just be optimistic/more open-minded, rather than be single well into your late 20s.

Now obviously the parameters have greatly expanded and freedom of choice is turning everyone into a demanding consumer. So I suppose if you truly are an 8-10 and you find another 8-10, chances are good. Buf if you’re part of the 90 percentile that makes up most lookers, good luck.

 2 or 3’s may have the best chance, but again if they go for fellow 2’s or 3’s they run the risk of these people looking for someone 3-4 tiers above their rank. So if 90 percent of people have this mentality, most everyone get’s left in the dust. (the bitter blogger proclaims!  🙂 )

It’s almost like we need the government to intrude on this scene. Like every 3 years you’re branded by a  panel in regards to your “true power ranking”. So you’re able to post this like it was similar to your license, seemingly irrefutable.

For now we each shoot higher and it’s no surprise of how quickly we become dissapointed.


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