Curtis Sliwa and his “Sliwonics”

What great radio is all about..

Uzi-Toting-Dope-Sucking-Psychopathic Killing Machine: young thugs

 Geriatric Expresso Sipping Psychotic Killers of organized crime: old made men of the mafia

 Mobsters Choking on their Lobsters: capos of organized crime

 Gavones: followers of organized crime, thugs

 Window Shades on their Eyes, Cotton Balls in their Ears and a Zipper on their Mouth: see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil

 Snitches get Stitches and end up in Ditches: don’t rat anyone out

 Stacking Paper: making money

 Moolah-Shmoolah, Cheddar, Duckets, ‘Scarole: money, dollar bills

 Green in Between: money

 Botchalize the English language: to mangle the English language

 Bending Elbows: drinking at the bar

 Chasing Skirts: trying to pick up women

 The Suits: white collar decision makers

 Liar for Hire: crooked lawyer

 ATM: Amnesia Through Money

 Blabber-Vossiah Verbosa (it’s not Latin): to have a big mouth

 Wooden Shampoo: a police beat down with a billy club

Room Temperature: you’re dead!

 Rolling Coffin: the cab where Curtis was shot multiple times in 1992

 To Max and Relax: hanging out – “chillin”

 Holy Roller: someone super religious

 You’re a Fuggazy: You’re a fake, phony, fraud

 To Eye Fornicate Someone (eye fornication): to stare and glare at someone and wish them harm

 3 Eyed Cousin Fornicators: guests on the Maury Povich Show

 Disgracé: a disgrace

Double oo Disgracé: a disgrace that adds insult to injury

Ou-Faah: give me a break!

 Finablé: stop it, bring to an end

 The Urge to Merge: to have sex

 Freaky Deeky: bizarre sex

 Goldbrick: a slacker, deadbeat (similar to our call screener)

 Freakazoid: one who engages in bizarre sex

 Trendoids: everything must be branded, designer labels

 I could care “Jack-Diddly-Squat”: I could care less

 Throwing nickles around like man whole covers: someone who is cheap

 Holly-weird: the place where Trendoids, Freakazoids and jet-setters hang out

 Titched, Ou-Batz – Mahsuga: someone hopelessly crazy

 The furniture upstairs re-arranged in the wrong rooms: someonetotally dysfunctional

 We Ain’t making Ou-Batz : We ain’t making nothing

 The Angle of the Dangle: Your level of manhood

 Frozen Vegetables: a sexual identity that we haven’t figured out

 Coombada Cheech: a friend that would take a bullet for you (no blood relation)

 Off the Tank: beyond off the hook

 Bagged & Tagged: arrested and fingerprinted

 Maytag: prison term, inmate’s butt boy

 Wine, Dine & Pocket Line: what politicians do (how politicians get contributions)

Scrape the Barnacles off your Tuchis: stop being a couch potato

 Tricknology: work someone over mentally, mess with their head

 Busting Your Shoes: cop on a foot patrol

Mamaluke: mama’s boy

 Kim Jung Mentally ILL: North Korean leader

 Rice Cake Curtain of North Korea: behind the borders of North Korea

 Sugar Cane Curtain of Fidel Castro’s Cuba: Cuba

 Drink Geritol and take a Ben Gay Bath: for those who are over 55 and need a little assistance

 Sweat Water: perfume

 Fear, Fright, Hysteria, and Hype: how our elected officials ram wars and legislation down our throats because they think that we the people are stupid

Whack-a-Doodle: someone who’s been hit so many times he’s a human pinata

 Bamboozled: to get over on, to fool, to trick

 Mac Daddy: a fly guy who chases skirts and plays “jewels in the crown”

 Jewels in the Crown: babies created by guys who take no responsibility for them but think the babies are a sign of their manhood

 If you Mess up You Fess up: admit that you messed up, did wrong

 Shlub: yokel, hick, boor, peasant (Yiddish Dictionary Online)

 Pooh-put: lame, someone who is a shlub

 Fuddy-dutty: country bumpkin, slow moving

 Meshugas: to drive someone crazy (Yiddish Dictionary Online)

 Jimmy Cap: condom, rubber

 Manga-Looch: knuckle head, brainless

 Alta-cocker: old fart, old guy

 Shid-ack: matchmaker

 Front’in: being fake


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