– for all of your music needs

I just came across this great site, It seems too good to be true. A lot of these free streaming music sites, allow you to stream a song once and then you have to pay 9.95 a month. (Although is free through and through) But this site seems legit, as you only have to deal with ads that run on the side. I’m actually going to use it to upload my own music, just to venture away from myspace for a change, change up the clientele so to say.

But this kind of site really makes me wonder about copyright and how these artists are actually getting paid? At 3 dollars a month to get rid of the ads and just what the ads pay in general, I suppose a certain percentage is paid to the bands record label each time a song gets a hit? I’m not that well versed in copyright, but this makes sense, especially as these sites pop up more frequently and the paradigm of terrestial radio gradually fades away.

So it comes down to you getting a phone with the net and then you’re all set, as your able to create playlists on the fly. Seems too easy, cheap, but it’s the state of music. I guess as I’m a child of the 80s when you had to pay for tapes/Cds with your allowance, menial jobs, it seems odd. Then you have kids born after ’98 let’s say who to them this is just expected, the media norm. I think a book needs to be written on comparing the varying modes of music consumption from decade to decade…well this is kind of what Chuck Klosterman does, in a broad sense? But it would be more of a psychological approach, maybe too dry?

But from what I’ve read it seems free with unlimited streaming. Check it out either wey.



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