Dental conspiracy

My Dental conspiracy.

How could you ever know for sure if you have a cavity? Assuming you’ve never went to dental school to be able to identify what a cavity looks like, you can only go on the good faith of your dentist. But what if you’re a new patient? There aren’t years of trust to go off of, so you are forced to invest in the good will and honesty that their dentist degree shines forth.

This is the same deal with cars. If you’re not big into cars and their inner workings, like myself, than again you’re going on the good faith of Jimmy Jiffy Lube or Vinny Valvoline. You don’t know these people. Here one day, gone the next. These simple gestures of faith allow for businesses to keep their lights on and do business year after year.

So I suppose atheists clean their own teeth and change their own oil?

Back to the dentist.

Granted I hadn’t been for a cleaning in over a year, 5 seems to be ridiculously high. And I haven’t noticed increased amounts of pain throughout the last year. I don’t think i’ve ever been told that i’ve had more than one at a time. Maybe when you hit 26, your teeth really start to fall behind and soften up? Or is it just being a new patient somewhere and they know they can stick you with the most problems upon first meeting them? Has anyone ever gone to another dentist for a second opinion on a cavity?


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