Abolish toll booths in Massachusetts and break ground on Casinos

Here is my proposal to Deval Patrick. Remove all toll pikes and build 3 casinos. A very simple idea and worthwhile to consider. Massachusetts is one of twenty-six states that imposes toll fees on its drivers. It’s a nusance and I’ve heard that the toll pike authority is still in the red. This could also give way to the opening of 3 casinos throughout the state of MA. Something like 60% of the money received at the casinos in Connecticut is coming from Masschusetts residents. This amounts to nearly 1 billion in tax revenue, that we never see.

“Gambling is a vice, it creates addicts, and it only provides low paying jobs.” Alcohol, cigarettes, scratch tickets, the lottery in general, have the ability to ruin lives. They create harmful addicts, can lead to prison sentences, and also hurt familes and communties at large…and yet playing cards and quarter machines is such a greater burden to the individual/state?? To call a spade a spade, is the question at hand. (sorry too easy)

So how is gambling so far removed from these activities? How is having a centralized location were gamblers of many years, can gather and do their bidding, such a downfall for a community or state? It’s similar to legalizing marijuana and the tax implications inherent with such a move. I’m definitely much more of liberatarian/independent as you can see with most of my views, so social conservatives can move to Alaska or join the Amish for all I care.

We have to face that we are steadily becoming an entertainment based society/economy. It’s where everything is trending towards. Higher paid athletes, higher ticket prices – thousands ALWAYS willing to pay, more importance around celebrties of any stripe, and ridiculous money offered for individuals that are full of supposed camera charm, lacking any hint of talent.

 Vice taxes have to be the yang to the collective yin. Or else we really do promote a nanny state, where the government reduces our ability to reason and think for ourselves.

 Look it as a way to weed out the degenerates from society, while our state benefits at the same time. It’s a very proactive way towards natural selection. Man and woman do not gravitate towards said degenerate gamblers, gamblers do not reproduce, and their numbers thin out over time – what an efficient system! Plus by eliminating tolls, us non-gamblers put some change in our pockets, see some entertaining shows, and our kid may get through college by being a blackjack dealer.

Umm..this all seems too easy.


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