Holding the tide back against Massachusetts insurers


This just makes sense as the baby boomer crowd begins to demand more health services over the next 20 years. A 32 % increase in premiums? This is similar to what credit card companies did before the new rules took place, earlier this year. I think once we get out of the paradigm of viewing healthcare as a viable business model and more as the DMV on a much wider scale, we’ll all be better off. DMV rates are the same for everybody, because everybody drives the same roads and it is only a privledge, not a right. Healthcare should be a right, for any citizen that is paying their taxes. Or better yet, rather than starting wars and sustaining troops in countries that hold no threat towards us, our tax money could easily fund a viable healthcare system starting tomorrow.

This could be a potential platform for a future politician. Draw back military spending considerably and begin to fund more healthcare programs. If we focused on the health of our own nation first and got out of the mindset of policing the world, terrorism would inenivitably draw back over time. Republicans are of the mindset, that they’ll hate us either way, like Dubya said, it’s our freedom they’ll always hate.

Well I diverted too much. Read the article and realize that at least something is being done proactively. This is a start


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