Foster: a summer get together

The band that really broke me out of my musical shell so to speak, was the band I was in through the end of high school and part of college: Foster. We were a 4 piece alternative rock outfit and spent a fair amount of time on each song we wrote. It’s easy to say that “we were different, or stood out” from our peers, as I’m sure most small local bands do this in a varying degree. I suppose it’s an age-old thing, where playing in a band is all about being able to identify yourselves from the heap of bands that are constantly forming, breaking up, and then maybe reforming.

But we did have a strange sense of maturity for a group of 18-19 yr. olds. I realized this when listening back to about 20 of our recordings with my friend Zach, who played bass in the band. I came up in a musical age, or at least in central mass. (2000-2004), where guitar solos were frowned upon, along with anything approaching vocals that were distinguishable above the music. It was more of a punk/hardcore scene an bands with an alternative/indie sound didn’t really exist. Plus when you’re under 21, you can’t really play any legitimate club shows, so we were limited to rec. halls like the Wallace Civic Center in Fitchburg, MA.

In no way am I saying we were at a higher level and that I’m just writing this to blow up my own ego and the band’s ego. I’m just commenting on the marked differences I saw with what we were doing and the bands we played with.

In 2004 we all went our separate ways and understandably other facets of your life can surpass the notion of keeping a band together.

I’m not one to wax a lot of nostalgia when it comes to music, so I’ll only say that I really do look forward to this summer. I’ll blame it on my Aquarian sign which is hungry for the future and at times standoffish towards the cemented past. Even writing about music, or music I’m a part of, is awkward at times as I feel that I’m this controlling – self promoting – in-house journalist..which can read as kind of pompous. But I suppose chronicling the process is good for looking back on down the road.

It’s been a good 7 years since our last show and I think just the act of relearning songs, jamming out, and just having a good time with it is what it’s all about right now. The show we plan will just top it all off.!/pages/Foster-Reunion-2010/112084908823426


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