Laborious White Noise, seeping.

white noise seeps into your externals. it also slowly crawls into all of your body’s opening and you have no clue of the latter year effects it may prove to exhibit. but you persist. crusty ear shells, dried up blood starts to show itself 3 hours old. i heard today that poetry is created in the 5th dimension. i was left wondering why would you give up the 5th dimension to come down here and entertain us with this mystical knowledge? you saint and savior!

focus is underrated but not much needed anymore. fractal lifeforms are all the rage. white noise again has to be harmful. forcing your soul body to vibrate at unnatural levels, distressing and unnatural. but DNA is rubber and you’re only here because you are flexible enough to exhibit a good dose of stretchy patience. we get better sleep while commuting to and from. our beds have been laborious prison cells. clinging to them when we can, but knowing what awaits us when the red numbers mock us and demand that we leave their presence.


purgatory is not handed down by some supreme deity. rather your own natural expansive mind deems what is or is not purgatory in nature, this is even more frightening as there’s no editor to keep you in check if you go too far with it..


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