A short reaction post to “Inception”

For every “Grown Ups”, there comes along an “Inception”. Or at least 100 grown ups, allows for 1 inception to shine so brilliantly. It’s all a game of perspective I suppose.

The movie “Inception” left me stunned. It was a story about a dream within a dream, within a dream, and then within another dream – finally ending with Leonardo Dicaprio’s character..in a dream? I left the theater almost wondering if I was really somewhere in Paris, slumped over a sofa with the subconscious bracelet of the future strapped to my wrist. I would compare the plot of “Deception” to “Memento” (another Christopher Nolan film) in that your ability to remember minute details is constantly tested, as linear time means nothing to the story. Much like how your dreams never seem to have a beginning, the beginning of the movie starts where the actual ending of the movie occurs.

Now I’m not here to write a blow by blow account of how the movie started, was setup, and concluded. I’ll leave that to better film critics. At the heart of the movie is Dicaprio’s inability to move beyond his dead wife, as he feels guilt for her death, as we see why later on in the movie. I think this is the first movie that has fully taken on the idea of how the dream state and waking state exist within completely different time signatures. The dream state is much more rapid, as all events are happening inside of our heads. So a half hour in a dream, could mean 2 mintues in our waking state. I think everyone has experienced this at one point.

In order to gain more time, characters must exist within 3-4 dream states at once. This gets confusing when the idea of going “in limbo” is introduced, which is facilitated by dying past the first stage of dreaming. (There’s also something about a chemical compound that everyone takes in order to not get shocked out of the dream state? It’s a kind of 3 hour sedative)

“In limbo” meaning that you would exist in a kind of comatose state in waking life and be left for dead in your dreaming state? This part kind of confused me – it’s almost like you would be stuck inside of your dead body/brain…until your waking life body died? Possibly a kind of purgatory state, where your spirit could only wander in this unreal dream state. I’ll definitely check this title out a few more times, to sure up some of the finer details, or just for more digestion.


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