A riff against selling something new that’s really used.

(Reinhold Bogner)

Somewhat of a riff against the Guitar Center corporation. I bought a new Bogner Alchemist amp in May and 2 months later I was faced with a $257 repair bill. This shocked me and I was like WTF?! or at least I’m sure it showed on my face as I said that I had just bought the amp and that I was also told that the repair would be covered by the warranty. When I bought the amp I was told that everything would be covered other than TUBES. Which of course was the problem with the amp.

However when you buy an amp new, there’s kind of an unwritten law as a consumer (at least there should be), that what you’re buying is new or right “out of the box”. I guess this is the problem I have with amps at Guitar Center or any other music store. The fact that the amp has been turned on several times a day for the few years that the amp has been out and then when you buy it at the “new price” – you’re really getting a used amp. So shouldn’t the price reflect this as compared to buying the same amp directly from an online store? 

I suppose this more so affects tube amps, as any guitarist will attest to, as they’re a very delicate animal. So wouldn’t it make sense that if you paid $900 for anything, you’d be getting this product right “out of the box”? I don’t think the overhead of carrying 1 extra amp for each tube amp would be too costly. In the end I only paid $70 for tubes, but still I was only playing the amp once a week and for no more than 2 hours each time. But still, shouldn’t the new amp price also imply new tubes/parts included?


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