The Schizophrenia surrounding Food.

I often find myself fighting two voices in my head. Not the typical, good versus evil battle, but voices that wholly concern themselves with consumption. Food consumption. The Carnivorous perspective and the return to eden/garden perspective. It’s like facing two entities and appeasing both in various ways. I’m mostly talking about a vegetarian lifestyle and just sticking with a traditional meat/potatoes approach.

I was raised with a wide palette of food in front of me, as my mother was and still is a very creative cook. As kids we barely ate the same thing, as there was always a slight twist on any given recipe. But as I get older and research more, I’m convinced that too much information can be a bad thing. The effects of an Atkins diet approach and it’s potential benefits towards losing weight and promoting overall health. Then i’ll get into a blog I frequent ( and the idea that when you eat meat, you’re taking on an animal’s fear, anxiety, etc.  – and that ultimately all wars would stop if we were all vegetarians!

Ok that’s more of a conspiracy based assumption, which only targets our emotional side. But if you think of this idea logically and consider the demoralizing nature of slaughterhouses, it makes some sense… And it’s possible that members of PETA may wholeheartedly endorse such a stance.

But what I’m trying to say is that, with an eclectic mind, or curious mind – comes a schizophrenic approach towards most food. Of course I want to do what’s best for my body and I could definitely lose some pounds. However I always seem to feel split with one way of eating or the other. Maybe it’s just me viewing the act of eating as an extreme measure to be taken, as you’re either all in with Soy/protein shakes/fake meat – or you rest quite fine with meat 7 days a week.

My general experience with trying to be vegetarian is that it is so consuming. Thinking about the optimal levels of protein that I need for my weight. Thinking about recipes that I could try out. Finding motivation to track down these recipes and then actually buying the necessary ingredients to make them happen. Or always feeling too hungry and then compensating with maybe too many carbs? Thus possibly gaining more weight?

It’s easy to over think any kind of lifestyle decision, especially when a curious mind is exposed to unlimited sources of information. And I think considering the fact that I’ve always been a person of variety, sticking to a regiment of any kind would go against my own nature.

This may be true or not, but I remember reading once that certain blood types gravitate towards certain foods/diets. I think that if this is true, people could rest assured that they’re on the diet that fits their own bodies needs. This is almost where science and health need to go, if anything,  to combat the obesity rates we face as a nation. Of course our health care system isn’t at peak nanny-state effect (yet), so it would be hard to require each person to identify the optimal foods they should eat over an adult lifespan.

But I definitely see an industry model where companies will personalize the diets of young children according to blood tests. (I’m sure there are several that already offer these services to those with the right income. Or possibly just a personal dietitian?) You’d get a read out of the kinds of foods and supplements you should take, according to a convenient time-line with colored graphics/charts.

And meat may survive, or we’ll be forced to clone animals, as we find out that certain people are from a lineage that have always thrived off of animal protein. (Then this gets into the debate of how humans evolved, or the possibility of there being several kinds of humans at one point, and one group making the choice to breed with a strictly carnivorous species?) Meat eaters will then feel justified along with vegetarians. All of this could already be coded within us and could explain why certain people are repulsed by meat from such a young age, where others don’t think twice.


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