Band memoirs via podcast

Entering into the realm of podcastistry. The art of podcasting. The idea being that a microphone or camera would reveal more than just casual conversation held in private, is intriguing. What details will you remember, or choose to remember, knowing that what you say will be immortalized by the web. I just started a podcast with a friend and we plan on hashing out the last 10 years of playing music together.

How it all started, band tryouts, various venues we played, our first time recording in a professional studio, playing talent shows, band rivals, and much more.

A few of my favorite podcasters include: Bill Burr, Adam Carolla, and Joe Rogan. I think it’s natural for a stand up comedian to transition into podcasting, as it gives them a chance to stay current with their fans, hype shows, and let the casual listener behind the scenes, without commercials and censorship to worry about.

I’d say that I consume more podcasts than I do tv shows and really think that this medium will only grow as it becomes more refined and there’s more of a fanbase for it. The important thing is to keep the ads to a bare minimum. Adam Carolla aired his own podcast for free the first year, totally devoid of ads. Over the last year he’s dropped several spots throughout his show and this has irked some fans. I understand both sides. But at least Carolla does all of the ads himself, plus he gave away 5 podcasts a week for a whole year, so the idea of cashing in on your audience a bit after this long of a free trial, is pretty well justified.

More to follow..


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