So goes the Ben Franklin impersonator on your radio or video above. I’ve been hearing these dramatic ads played all over the radio for the last 6 months. They feature what Ben Franklin most likely sounded like, along with sweeping classical strings in the background to really rev up your revolutionary spirit. They basically confront you as if you were some lazy slob, who is aimlessly going through life, without purpose, without any urge to further mankind’s true potential!


Because Masons have not traditionally recruited members, and do not hold public meetings, there has long been confusion about how to join the Fraternity. Does someone ask you? Do you ask? But if you meet the requirements above, it is really quite simple:

Most men can become a Mason by simply asking – like Washington, Franklin, and most every Mason from the past to the present day. Each Lodge manages the membership process for its candidates. In general, men seek out a Lodge near their home or work (the “Find a Lodge Near You” feature will help you find the nearest lodge), or they ask a Mason to recommend a Lodge to them. Once you’ve found a lodge you would like to join, let them know of your interest and they will provide you with a petition.

If you are unanimously elected by the members of a lodge, joining the Fraternity involves going through three “degrees”: Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft, and Master Mason. Every man accepted into the Fraternity goes through the degrees, thereby making each an equal to the others in the lodge. Typically they are conferred during a lodge’s monthly meeting over the course of three months.

I checked out the site and I guess in order to join, you need to find a sponsor, or someone that is already a mason to vouch for you. I’ve thought about joining, as I feel that it would be a great way to dispel the “masons are the true bogeymen” myth that circulates throughout radio, tv, and casual conversation. I think the term freemasonary or masons are so loosely used and the psyche always wants to gravitate towards any negative connotation and run with it.

I suppose my initial attention was turned to masonary when I was following the presidential race between Kerry and Bush. Both were part of the skull and crossbones society at Yale and my casual curiosity began. Plus to say that you are an initiate mason member would be something fun to bring up around family and friends.

The corny, straight-forward production value of the video is similar to the marine/army/navy ads that continue to pop up in movie theaters. The slick, hollywood production values, with Godsmack screaming in the background, is just really funny to me. I understand that these older institutions need to update their images to stay relevant, but the approach really mirrors the demographic they’re going for. Young, impressionable youth that are also being recruited based off of their “Call of Duty” video game scores. Well this might be a stretch, but I think all of these military video games are certainly being used as a form of bait, a gateway drug into the “real thing”.

Then consider the advent of a 3D gaming system, or an avatar like gameplay, and wars could suddenly be fought virtually. Avatars will roam the earth, much like the movie, and land will be taken over by these 2nd party armies. I’d say that if we get to this degree of technology, then we better not be that far from colonizing Mars or the Moon; because this scenario may just represent hell on earth. The movie “Surrogates” certainly touches on these themes.

So I got off on somewhat of a tangent. However i’ve read on and the 200 dollar initiation fee might keep me from being the productive member of society, that fair Ben would require I be. We shall see.


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