Mess Acoustic

I find that it’s hard to find actual musicians. Musicians on paper are fine and friendly, quite wide spread. But to find musicians that play just to play, is harder than the laymen would think. I want to start an acoustic jam circle at my place. There is really no way to go about this other than craigslist. But i’ve tried to put it out through facebook circuits. I want to play live, spontaneous, off the cuff, music, but who else does? Who else wants to bear a part of themselves on a weekly basis? Who wants to jump out of the calculative stance that seems so dear to them? This I’m not sure of. But when you’re an insomniac, everyone seems like a transitory joke, pun, or sarcastic line in a waiting room. You don’t take the Walgreen’s girl seriously and you don’t let the littlest walls of people get in your way.



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