So-Dee Pop stays the same, as we Change.

The Soda bottle. The corn syrup, made from Monsanto Corn, genetically altered corn, corn sprayed with various pesticides. Pesticides that I cannot even name, nor am I too overly concerned to google them right now. Not knowing how long this soda bottle has been shipped across country, being birthed from a box, being handled by a shipper, and finally handled by a day-day vendor. The water that mixes with the secret coca cola formula. Knowing that it’s most likely recycled toilet water, containing the slightest trace of anti-depressants, sleeping pills, and/or birth control. But water is not the issue.

That pleasurable sensation of carbonation on one’s throat! Not to be found anywhere else in nature. But carbonation is tweaked to be so, I don’t know of a carbonated spring in India? This modfied, scientific sensation is what totally freaks out our little brains when we first take a sip of Coke, at maybe 5 or 6. (Depending on our parents) This odd, yet satisfying sensation sticks with us.

When we were young, we could drink cups and cups of soda, our figure staying exactly the same. Our little bodies so ready to break down these refined sugars and caffeine, in such a “hustle to keep us at our neutral kid weight” kind of way. 

Then we’re off to college, maybe not drinking as much soda, but occasionally either with our Rum or slice of pizza, we so indulge. But the years go beyond college, we’re not working out anymore, outside of college, possibly married, where’s the motivation to stay fit, to stay toned? Calorie counters we become! Our once joyous carbonated beverage, becomes the red and black devil, luring us in once again. But we know the potential harm we’re doing to ourselves, with pounds attaching to our aging frames year after year.

Then Congress makes a proposition! Tax on soda! Tax on anything cream filled! We become Tea Party patriots and want our country back, our coke, our freedom to indulge! How far we’ve come, how much we’ve changed, how informed we’ve become. But the Coke formula keeps chugging along, always looking around the advertising corners, for the next batch of soda loving kids. Until one day, soda dissapears. The board of health deems it too much of a long term health risk. Socialized medicine agrees. Mom and Dad occasionally make homeade soda, but how far removed the taste is from Coke a Cola.


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