WPAS – or Wall Post Anxiety Syndrome – Facebook users

I came up with a new anxiety disorder that I’ve yet to hear Dr. Drew talk about on his HLN show. “Wall Post Anxiety Syndrome.” The syndromes symptoms included the following: The inability to commit to what you’re spontaneously thinking; The inability to trust in your convictions that what you have to say is valid and worthwhile: The inability to have an actual opinion, rather than just being sarcastic, overly witty, or say where you’re currently stuffing your face with food or beer; The inability to possibly offend your parents/family/or close friend as you might be saying something that cuts to the core of their religious/politicial belief system(s).

So this is the basic outline. The syndrome also covers people that constantly come up with great comedic content, but within a minute, delete it out of fear that someone from work might read it and show it to their boss. Something that may be a little too edgy and not really worth being etched into the fabric of time. What if down the line this kind of syndrome or other syndromes surrounding the use of facebook, actually become legit? I’m already convinced that proper facebook conduct courses will start showing up in colleges, as a way to discourage students from revealing too much about themselves, as prospective job offers will be considerably smaller than if they remained more low key/conservative with their FB content. But then again aren’t you to be viewed as the extremist, outsider, if you don’t have an account, and aren’t posting regularly, posting pictures of others – to confirm your social rank?

Or I could see this kind of course offered to new parents as they try to immerse themselves in the proper ways to introduce social media into their children’s lives. What age? How much supervision and until what age should they supervise? Should they know every friend that is under their child’s name? Should they have the password to their child’s account, for the occasional check in. Facebook psychology is definitely going to be picking up steam in the years to come, as it remains the leader in social media.


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