Trader Joe’s Super Green Powder: The Elixir of Life?

(It’s my belief that after ingesting this supplement over the course of a few weeks, my musical creativity sky-rocketed and I began to write these amazing “hot licks” on my guitar. Please click the links below and see the results. Thanks Trader Joe’s!)

First and foremost, I’m kind of a health junkie, or I try to be in a very strange way. I do however still smoke a cigarette or two on a daily basis, so that’s part of the great balancing act, almost staying neutral with whatever good foods I do eat? It’s a battle and I almost feel lucky to be off the hook with only 1 or 2 a day.

My favorite grocery store is Trader Joe’s for its amazing variety, prices, and overall quality of food. Plus the employees are very genuine and not zombified in any way, actual conversation will often occur; I know it’s amazing!

I think America tends to be overly obsessed with quantity over quality and this shows in our protruding guts, as we steadily become the fattest nation in all of mankind’s history. Fast food dollar menus, the cheap meat selection at Walmart, ultra fortified white bread by way of the never ending bread stick supply at Olive Garden, and many more examples that you could think of on your own in less than two minutes. Cheap carbohydrates, cheap sugars, excessive fats, and all the rest. I’ve also become increasingly more paranoid around the subject of the pesticides that are regularly sprayed on most fruits and vegetables – so I do try to buy all organic when it comes to fruits and vegetables. Also there’s fluoride to consider with drinking water – but hey there’s also the plastic with water bottles that can leech out if the temperature is too warm, so I understand mankind’s limitations in 2011.

I’m still learning a lot about what the best diet is for me and according to the BMI index I still need to lose a good 15-20 pounds, so I do have a long road ahead in that regard.

I definitely don’t  have the strictest diet and actually use the microwave on average about 2-3 times a day at work, which I’m sure cancels out a lot of the nutrients I actually try to take in. I recently picked up Trader Joe’s Super Green Powder supplement for $19.99. Sure, kind of steep on the surface, but when I read the ingredients on the back, I had to give it a try.

I’m mostly posting the ingredients  below, because I’ve not been able to find them on Trader Joe’s website or anywhere else on the web.

Proprietary Antioxidant Blend *everything is organic and in powder form, just to save time (barley grass juice powder, chlorella, alfalfa,

–  carrot juice, broccoli juice, cauliflower juice, spinach juice, parsley juice powder

-concord grape, acerola cherry, milk thistle, red beet root, aloe vera leaf, pomegranate, turmeric rhizome extract, atlantic kelp, green tea extract decaf, quercertin, non-alcoholic red wine extract, grape seed extract, blueberry leaf extract, licorice, vegetable extract, fruit extract, cinammon and strawberry powder.

Proprietary Fiber Blend

-organic SDG flax lignans concentrate, oat beta-glucan, apple fiber pectin, sprouted barley malt, lecithin

Plant Base Enzyme Blend

-bromelain, papain, protease, amylase, lipase, cellulose, lactase

Dairy-Free Probiotics

-lactobacillus acidophillus, lactobacillus casel, b. longum, rhamnosus

I’ve tried the multi-vitamin route before, but it just never seemed to add anything to my energy levels or help me concentrate/focus better. They would almost make me more prone to zone out and become kind of apathetic, in a weird way. So i’ve only been taking this a few days, but already I feel a real energy uptick, and I’m not as lethargic when I get home from work. I’ll try to check back in about a week. But investigate those ingredients for yourself. I know I don’t get near the amount that is recommended on a daily basis, so this seems to be a good overall approach.


30 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s Super Green Powder: The Elixir of Life?

  1. cool article. ive been drinking this for a while now. i feel great! just doing more research, wondering if i can get something better.

  2. Dear Samfrancis,
    Thanks for that, Emperor Shen Nung first discovered the benefits of green tea when some leaves fell in a pot of water he was boiling. The result was an herbal drink that we know as green tea.

  3. Loved seeing the ingredients– been curious to try this. One caveat to what you wrote: Fear not fluoride!!!! It’s just a mineral– like calcium– that’s needed for healthy teeth. I work as a hygienist in northern Baltimore county, near the Pennsylvania line (mostly unfluoridated in Pa). The cavity rate of our non-fluoridated water patients is easily 4x that of the people on fluoride! It’s just a mineral!

    • I’ve read too many conflicting reports on its affect on the brain’s pineal gland – which is a subject all in itself, not sure still skeptical. Tom’s toothpaste has done me well.

    • Trish-

      respectfully please read up on the aluminium industry – their lobbying nonsense – and the profits made

      fluoride is not a natural mineral
      look at those fluoride tanks being moved around on the highway – they are marked with “danger” “poison”
      with all the variables out there we should all avoid fluoride like the plague

      my logic tells me that most of your clients who do not partake in “fluoride” get more cavities because they eat too much sugar like most of us do

      these harmful poisonous chemicals being recommended by our doctors and dentists to “fix” problems should instead be a recommendation of a good plan that avoids taking in bad things like too much sugar

      it is a shame to see all of your schooling (and that of our best and brightest) just to become professional peddler’s of poisonous quick fixes

      • After having done much research on flouride for a paper the best advice is to stay away from it. Many countries overseas ban fluoridation for good reason, it is toxic and we are medicating masses without common consent something a doctor could not do.

    • Ran across this and had to reply. It’s not “just a mineral.” It’s a by product of industrial waste. Can’t dispose of it in a regular waste fashion, so misconceptions were given and the fluoride mineral and the fluoride that is cost effectively ‘dumped’ in our water with false claims, is not the same. Not knocking your profession or whatever you’ve learned, but the statistics don’t lie. There is no proven benefit of that garbage in the water (that most likely does affect the pineal gland and possibly behavioral traits) that you are ingesting in astronomical quantities. You aren’t even supposed to ingest much at all, and the amount that is in every drinking serving is claimed to be similar to the amount that toothpaste warns to call poison control if you ingest. Food for thought, Fluoride for trash cans.

    • Trish –
      in some respects you are correct. Fluoride can be good for you in trace amounts, in its naturally occurring form, Calcium Fluoride. Sodium Fluoride, Johnathan mentions, is a byproduct of aluminum production. This is then put into the water systems touted as a dental miracle. However it results in dental fluorosis and possibly bone cancer. The Germans in WWII used fluoride to weaken the will of the people as it causes their brains to become more passive.

      In addition sodium fluoride is used as rat killer. Logic dictates that poison is not good to consume in any amount.

    • With all due respect, Trish, fluoride is a neurotoxin and a poison. It is the main ingredient in most rat poisons, was used in concentration camps by both Stalin and Hitler, and is now being used by our own US government to dumb down the people. That’s right, fluoride causes people to become passive and easy to control. As far as its use in the dental industry, the chemical causes fluorosis of the teeth, white stains. Yes, it hardens the teeth and bones, but too much. They become brittle and break more easily. Not only that, but fluoride causes the calcification of everything, including soft tissue. This means the blood vessels and circulatory system, the brain, etc. Read what a famous dentist, Dr. Weston Price discovered back in the 1930s. He also discovered that Activator X, now known as vitamin K, along with cod liver oil can decalcify soft tissue and calcify the teeth and bones. That is we need for stronger teeth, gums and bones and soft tissue. Read about him on Wikipedia:

  4. How long can you live without food? Probably a few months. How long can you live without water? Probably a week at most. How long can you live without air? A few minutes at most. What’s the most important thing you take into your body each day? AIR. Smoking even one cigarette a day is insane, mostly because you are mucking with the most important thing you take into your body. Like drinking great water through a sewer pipe.

  5. First, for that price, the label doesn’t list whether its organic, partially organic, and most importantly, whether it’s pesticide free. Second, it is WAY overpriced compared to superior products on I’ll let you do your own research so I won’t list brand names. But, just type in “super green food powder” in amazon and read the about the different products that come up. I’m a huge TJs fan… but NOT with your food supplement line. They’re not all natural, and they don’t site the source of ingredients.

  6. And ‘fear not’ the fluoride? Really? With all the case data out there? I’d avoid it, along with copper, and all the crap/metals that are in deodorants and detergents as much as possible.

    • It went great. I’ve been trying out various organic supplements over the last few years and it was one of the best. I’m currently taking “garden of life” perfect food raw green super food supplements, because I was getting sick of always having to mix a drink. What are your experiences with these types of products?

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  8. I was looking for a green drink mix and happened to be at T.J.s so I picked up a small bottle of the stuff. I don’t see a recommended amount, but you mention one. What does your big tub say is the recommended amount? I was thinking of mixing it into my morning smoothie.

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    • Im no expert, just wanted to inform people at the time about a great product. thanks for the kind words

  10. I love this product and this article. I also buy the Trader Joe’s Organic Hemp Protein powder. I mix the Hemp and Green Food together for a healthy shake for after my workouts. The Hemp powder is very gritty but the Green Food powder changes the consistency to allow for smooth gulping. Eat Strong!

  11. Drinking this right now, tastes like chalky apples but definitely makes me feel healthier! Detoxifying general blend of all things good and green, and cheaper than buying all the fresh stuff and getting messy with the blender! good with breakfast, mix with juice to zest it up!

  12. Trish writes in response to comments on fluoride…
    Fluoride doesn’t cause calcification of anything- only calcium can do that.
    Rat poison is not fluoride, but warfarin, a blood thinner. If you know anyone on coumadin, it is the same chemical. Just because something is poisonous in certain amounts, does NOT mean it isn’t beneficial in other amounts. Would you withhold blood thinner from someone at an increased risk of stroke because it’s a poison at a different concentration? Do you understand that fat soluable vitamins are poisonous in too great a quantity? That just about everything is poisonous if you have too much?
    We all love calcium, but exceeding the rda can actually increase stroke risk. But no one says to take calcium out of our diets!!
    And yes, I agree that a lot of decay could be avoided with less starch and sugar in our diet- though there is evidence that it’s the eating all day long (“grazing” /or sipping on something other than water) that causes the most harm due to pH taking 30 minutes to neutralize every time we pop a carb in our mouths.
    Speaking of sipping on water, the cavity rates have taken an upward turn with the bottled water trend. (I personally use a Brita filter and tap fluoridated water).
    The CDC includes fluoridation in the top 10 best medical advances of the last century.
    It IS used in the 3rd world (it’s added to salt like we add iodine to salt).
    Fluorosis- once common and now rare- is caused by way too much fluoride (this is how the beneficial use was discovered in the first place). In an area near Pot Springs, Colorado- where the fluoride was naturally very, very high- the townspeople had fluorosis spots, but no decay. BTW– in practicing dentistry for the the past 12 years, I have NEVER seen a single case of fluorosis. Fluorosis occurs in naturally high fluoride water. Municipalities don’t supplement to that level! Places like Pot Springs have fluoride reduced to the recommended ppm.
    The amount in our drinking water is 1/1000th of what is in toothpaste. That’s why eating tooth paste is a very bad idea!
    Cool fact: we can reverse decay that is an “incipiency”- halfway or less through the enamel layer, not yet in the dentin layer- by applying fluoride.
    And for the Dr. Oz fans, please don’t whiten your teeth with strawberries. Acids dissolve enamel. You can get excellent results swishing with peroxide 1-2 minutes a day (Oh dear…another can of worms…)

  13. my son just gave me a tub of the greens started today! was looking for some feedback on the product but got a lesson in fluoride….guess I shouldn’t mix it with my water!

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