Maxing out your music memory bank


I think your head is definitely only set up for a certain amount of music. There’s a certaing gigabyte count assigned to each individual and once that limit is reached, that’s it, no more. Nothing else can really penetrate beyond this GB count. So youth beware! Don’t be so quick to pour the nearest and dearest sugary sap into your gray matter crevices. Sure certain sounds will be alluring to your pre and post pubescent ears, but those sounds are yours forever, they will be your base of comparison for other music in the future.

I remember the countless CDs I’d buy as a kid and nowadays, I listen to less and less new music – mostly sticking to about 4-5 bands on a regular basis. The idea of actively discovering new music is tiresome and really not that exciting to me anymore. Maybe there’s a certain age where this cut off occurs, or again like I said there’s this virtual gigabyte count we all reach at various time in our lives. I don’t have any urge to check out any new bands in a live setting either, live shows don’t thrill me anymore, there’s really nothing about them that inspires me to spend 30 plus dollars. Could be that I just burned out my music receptors too soon, maybe I need 2 solid years of NO MUSIC at all? Who’s into musical fasting? Have you tried it before? This might be an interesting concept or activity. How long could you go without music?


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