The old are wise

On the backwoods of perception rests a man, so weary, so out of touch, so into himself, that it is astounding. because really himself, is the last real hurdle he has to face, before death obliterates “himself.” so this focus makes sound sense but when younger, himself is forced to consider others much too heavily for his liking. it’s why he suffers through school, suffers through the required company of family. until finally he’s old enough and off he sulks with the closest job in sight, the ability for independence. the ability to fund this one room, 2 windowed existence that will face him only with himself, as the years chip, chip, chippety away .no more need for hesitated conversation, stalling, waiting in the aisle, and squandering precious earth like time.


for earth like time is fleetinglike a caterpillar in sweet, sweet glory daze heat! your skin ages, blood thickens, mind dulls, eyes dull, and your ego lets loose year after year ,its why the old have so much delirious energy, time to share, time to reveal, time to joke, time to be slightly absurd. the youth have no time, everythingis rushed, everything is for a means. a means that arrives on pathetic credit, pathetic mtv/bollywood inspired dreams. the old are wise and they know it. they relish in their wisdom, as they half-look at the youth, as they stumble around, with their 40 year dreams, hopes, and desires. the old know they’ve also been there.

so its a laughing at the youth, coupled with a genuine need to relay to the youth, that it is all too short to take it so seriously, so intensely. the old truly make us understand, appreciate, and contemplate love. not horny 20 year olds and their tiring attempts at portraying modern day romance and desire for tv viewers. this is all just such an intimation, passed down by some producer who failed at love and then became bitter, and with the right amount of funds, found himself making a worldwide television production.

the old are wise, so when someone dies in their 40s or 50s, we really lose. we’re really at a lose, for they were budding, about to cross over to this prophetic, appreciative phase of living..they just missed out. the youth really aren’t even born yet while they walk around. they are too entangled in samsara and immediate suffering, suffering all around. suffering surrounding money, dating, and all the other pety problems of their pathetic youth.


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