After Tropical weather, it’s Winter again in the Northeast

I haven’t been here in quite some time. This little portal of a touch feely, blog space environment. This is off the cuff, most stuff I throw up on here has been floating around for a few days or weeks. But I realized the matrix I’m in right now. The matrix of getting home from work, then realizing you have 2 hours to do WHATEVER you want. 2 hours not under a boss, or two bosses, or two more bosses above those bosses. There’s this immediate freedom in your house, but you fail to think of anything “that” exciting – and it’s just another night. These nights clump together, so you introduce various stimulants to break up the clumps. Although some nights it is nice to avoid stimulants of any kind. I guess I don’t have much else to say. Just felt like I should drop by to write down something, anything.

And if you’re reading this, MJ, I still think it’s not cool that you totally ditched out on our plans. And I know you’re creative enough to at least come up with an excuse or bogus story. But you just willingly disappeared. (March 16th – tour of massachusetts type of deal) If anything it just told me a lot about your character and the flaky nature you truly have. Oh well, I guess I have my own set of quirky/bad traits too.


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