Kevin Garnett, heroism, organic gardens, and government jobs.


The Celtics are a team made up of warriors. Kevin Garnett just turned 36 and shows no signs of slowing down. He exudes a warrior’s heart, each game, and for that we should be thankful. Sure he’s made almost a half a billion in contracts/ads, but that’s besides the point. The very fact that he maintains this warrior meme in our culture, he’s worth an infinite amount of fake money, because last I checked it’s being printed  at each president’s whim. So this paying for braveheart on cable television, is quite necessary, before we all turn into state funded worms on our couches. There’s the outside hope, that a  young 8 year old watching these playoff games, will grow into a warrior himself, and not accept his fellowmen to become worms on couches. He will cite the example of KG and convert at least a few would be warriors. Basketball transcends just a game, it’s a guidepost for the youth. An alternative to the laziness that pervades so much of culture.

But when there are more state funded jobs than private sector gigs, where will these sweet government pay outs come from? I guess the illusion is forced to thicken and we’ll all be forced to grow organic gardens of our own and throw away the microwave. The truckers that shipped these store bought vegetables, gave up on trucking, and scored trucking jobs through the government. What then?


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