Kurt and Daniel

Silverchair’s melodious music-men of yesteryear. Freak comatose commodity: Some hailed Kurt but it was really Daniel Johns that was technically, closer to a state of Nirvana. He was just born into the wrong country at the wrong time. Johns was a more mature soul and wouldn’t have killed his body off at 27. Kurt slipped through the right spacial vortex, a 1 out of 200,000 chance and he picked right, but again his soul was still quite young for such a powerful mission.

Kurt hung in earth’s relative cosmos for nearly 100 years, before descending. That was slightly above the 75 year average it took, for most humans to find an appropriate black vortex for their earth mission. Daniel Johns took too long and it’s rumored, that both Johns and Cobain had made it their mission, as souls in the cosmos, to find this unique musical portal vortex or UMPV. This mystical vortex, with its fantastical trend changing characteristics was exclaimed as the brightest pearl of the muse kingdom, many elder musician souls would tirelessly talk of it. (And was how Bach, Mozart, Elvis, and Jimi entered) Truly an aquarius source-field of incarnative-accelerated power.

Cobain was diminishing, as his nearly 200 years as pure soul was waning on him and he was close to dropping subterranean, around the year 1966. And suddenly as if by some “dumb” luck, this vortex was discovered and Kurt immediately emitted a purplish, hazel, and blinding white cloud around his soul’s essence and danced his way through it! The reason he killed himself at 27, is because the amount of pressure his chakras had to endure, was becoming too much. He was receiving too much from the muse sector of the Logos and felt, immaturely, that he must cut his cord and go back to asses his earthly mistakes.

Daniel Johns is of course still alive. Johns is also known for his Animal Rights support. His passion for animal rights issues are apparent in the track “Spawn Again” on Neon Ballroom. He has also done various television campaigns including “Kentucky Fried Cruelty” for Peta and an IFAW commercial.


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