Women no longer get pregnant in the traditional way

Year is 2025

Women no longer get pregnant in the traditional fashion. It’s all transferred to the net with complete baby customization. A baby customization industry has emerged! Photoshopology, has become what engineering and science once represented. The skills are learned to use PS, all in preparation for when they reach the age of 27 and a final composite must be submitted to the department of life enforcement or DLE. The ideal baby is created through several sessions using software, guided by life creator techs. Real actual physical men are no longer a part of any actual society. Males are cloned with the specific sperm that will fulfill the females perfect/preferred baby. This specific sperm is crafted and formulated by the smartest scientists and engineered alive. They hold the most important positions in society, essentially crafting it, however at the free will of the women that demand their own unique kind of a human. So free will still exists, as no quotas are observed for anyone particular kind of human.

All men are trained from birth, their only function while alive is to stay strong and fertile. They do not smoke, drink, and maintain the proper diet for the kind of sperm their housing. So men essentially live to no older than 24. The preferred husband male-bots that are created, become the wives possession. After a female has their preferred baby made, they initiate the male patent blueprint they’ve created, usually by the age of 24. The male-bot is created within 3 days, then shipped to the woman’s home. Other male-bots ship the body in a wooden crate, via BotDelivers, which is owned by Marc Cuban.

This new earth is wholly suited for females. The technology required to create human life, minus any physical intercourse, has been established along with male robots, so actual males are no longer needed. There’s also a strong monopoly surrounding virtual edit bays, which vie for a woman’s money. Ads are constantly blasted towards girls as their growing up. Photoshop/Lifeshop software is constantly being improved and marketing/admen are still alive and strong.


Possible occurrences in NMW or Non Male World


Women create babies from the age of 4-24. Constantly trained and inspired during schooling years. Some listen up, others rebel, some create humans that have never been seen before. It’s all a mixed pot of creation.

All real men are born and bred specifically underground. Specific sperm bodies are created. Called “SpermShells” or “Creator-bods”

It was necessary for earths alien guardians to implement this change, for everything was mostly going wrong on earth because of male’s actions. A new experiment had to be heralded in order to sustain earth for the next 100 years.

Certain girls rebelled against what the state suggest they create. Or some fled the breed program altogether, vowing to live in communes without creating kids. Rebel sectors are few and far between, but maintain 5% of the population.

Boys that are created by women, are born without usable sperm. These males must integrate with the male-bot population. This creates a lot of tension initially. Any male that thinks of harming/killing a bot is automatically sent underground and must work for the sperm facility.

Solar panels are  placed on every roof. Sustaining houses energy/heat/cooling needs, wholly independent of a national grid. Every other house on a block grows food and the whole block is amply fed. The following year, the other house grows, as this aids in not creating too much top soil.

Orgasm soundtracks are appearing on Itunes, as girls perform real orgiastic wails, over the best produced music in the Biz. This is the preferred music to teenagers, words are almost totally gone from the music Biz. Music is merely a tool for people to remember what an orgasm use to sound like.

Everyone that wants to, obtains a “Real World” like automated camera setup in their house/apt. Millions try to star in their own sitcom or reality show, however many fail to get good numbers. Money is gone, as sustaining your basic needs has been completely figured out. Life is much more of a popularity contest as the arts are all that really exists, or why people wake up or plan out their future. Automated bots farm the field, pick the food, and cooks dinner. Finally living, mechanical comfort eagle.



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