Shara Worden

No more effort, I’ve handed the keys to spirits. Gonna glide like a flock of the finest mockingbird troops around. Disappointment not allowed, in this statistically drawn parallel stone land. Forever dissecting melodrama is a full-time game, I’m surely awash in.

Performance art is simply amazing to my eyes now. Those of Shara Worden, musical nymph of the highest degree. One day we’ll meet, either astrally or earth-grass bound. She’s exquisite, refined, savory, and tastefully present in my computer screen tonight. Want to know someone as magnificent and expressive as her. I’m virtually in love, so removed, but am endeared by her passionate movements.

I wonder what her sweat tastes like after a long performance on some chic Parisian stage? How the mind wonders. Sweet savory muse in human flesh. Shara, Shara, Shara

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