Tent Dispatch and Owning Land


Apparently there are patches of grass, dirt, and weeds that are prohibited from human use. Or should I say, there has been a time marker placed on these patches of land, for when humans can use them as they so desire (of course as long they abide by the many laws at work, while using this land) Let’s say a city deems several hundred acres of land as “public land” and sets a time period of sunrise to sunset – as to when the public can access this seemingly ownerless land. But it’s 2012, any human in the right position can own or control ANYTHING they desire with the right wording. Taxes haven’t really gone towards maintaining this land, people walk these trails and so keep them visible and worn for other visitors.

There’s the initial naming of this public park/woods. A wooden sign with some paint on it is resurrected and everyone goes on their way. All the while this cordoned off area of a few hundred acres is to be used by the steadfast public. HOW they use it can be quite vague and cumbersome for all parties to agree on. So you have local gov’t essentially saying, we don’t have eyes in these public woods, so deviant behavior “could” occur away from our watch.

Deviant bums, with their deviant ways, or even just normal citizens drinking legal beer, smoking legal cigarettes, and enjoying freedom of speech in a group setting. As I almost turn 30, I’m struck with the stark realization that bending the rules ever so slightly, just doesn’t work anymore. It doesn’t work when you’re 15 either, but to observe the absurdity that is marking when a piece of land can be used or not used, is definitely more striking at 30.

Libertarian’s ideals die the most excruciatingly and are seemingly always on the cops radar, especially with the aid of facebook and blogs. So keep your dispatches anonymous fellow seekers of basic rights! I see a few people around me that are standing up to what should be obviously unjust to others, but they feel the “public” isn’t catching on to their theories and feel that they are left to shout out and WAKE THEM UP!

And I almost feel instinctively these people won’t be allowed to stay in the general public for too long. I don’t go out of my way to dig up conspiracies and blast them to my friends via facebook, but when something as minor as leaving a tent abanonded in the woods is greeted by 4 cops questioning you – I just think that the city’s crime activity has to be quite low to illicit this kind of response. It’s how it is in a small town.

ANYTHING beyond the ordinary speeding tickets, domestic abuse, or theft – is fodder for a wild imagination or a cop that just becomes use to seeing the same thing day after day. What if there was a stash of pot, unregistered guns, blood, etc? Then this site would turn into a huge bust for the cops, someone might get promoted within, and a big news story for the locals to chew on over dinner and family picnics. Something for everyone to whet their vicarious appetites on.


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