NFL, football, football as a sedative, football as catharsis


(joe six pack philosophic diatribe)

Fuck statistics, fuck passing yards, fucking rushing  yards, and fuck domestic beer commercials. Football is a waste of fucking time. You’re essentially living as your 12 year old self would want to live for the rest of eternity. You’re returning to yourself as a 12 year old, that played pop warner football, and had no doubts about the future. You’re lying to yourself just as the junkie lies to himself about returning  to true bliss each time. I’d even go to say, that football is a substance. Football is the hypnotic solution to the chaotic, out of order industrialized landscape you can’t escape on a day to day basis. Football is this kind of head rush of innocence, the refs HAVE to be fair, the refs BETTER be fair, its a chance to witness something that can’t be rigged. It can’t be rigged like our financial system, it can’t be rigged like our military industrial system, it can’t be rigged like our childs future system, and it can’t be rigged or else..! We as fans will revolt, will writhe in disgust, stay up late worried about the future of the league…This is only goddamn pure thing we have as a people!! Don’t ruin this for us, don’t take this purity away!


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