Diamond Consciousness, Jobs, Careers, and the like.

No manual. No manual. No manual. No manual. No manual. No manuel. No man-uwell. No man-u-el. JOB, CAREER, JOB, CAREER. No manual. No manual. What do you like to do? Where can you see yourself in 5 years? What kind of career can you imagine yourself in? Spatial awareness being as it is, makes it difficult to hone in on one specific paradigm of being, working, evolving, transmitting, and making “career money.” Space Wunderkind. Space Wunderkind. I’m keeping it all together right? Well for now, of course. Faced with real hardship, might slink to the corner and be real apathetic. Maybe I’ve fought this game for many times before, reached a point of no more fight, just reaction, take it in and react to it?

Simpler living, everyone wants to move to simpler living. Less in-fighting, less aim for whatever “would” make you the most presentable human being to those that are immediately around you. Prognosis: Artist, creator, evolver, reactor, interaction within the colors, shapes, lines, and words concerned with real feeling. This is the prognosis, us the evolved space kids of outer planet Shpongleland imbue upon your likeness. You asked for it and you got it. “It” won’t be easy, but you knew that, as you painfully accepted re-entry to the earth planet. You didn’t think you had to come back, you thought you were through. “You” were wrong. There are hundreds of years left, to fine tune this horribly vague notion that is an evolving humanity. The diamond is still encased within thousands of layers of confusion, ugliness, racism, and fabrication. Let’s say the diamond was originally quite present, quite available to others, it existed as a whole and could be observed by any passerby, in the sky. Now, after thousands of human years, the diamond has been obscured and has been laid to a hazy misunderstanding, and only slinks further into the corner of our consciousness.


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