Once dreamed of Brando

An actual dream I had about 3 years ago, found recently in a notebook


Marlon Brando came into my dream and wow, the amount of disgust in his eyes! It was near unbearable having him bear down on me at the foot of my bed. I was like “Marlon…! Say Something! Speak!” Nothing came out of his mouth, he just stood there all stone faced. Was this part of my psyche judging some decision I had recently made? My bed was in a warehouse somewhere in New Jersey. I guess I knew this because I saw relevant highway signs from the window. After this persistent stare down, Brando hopped from the 5 story building into a black limousine. He eloquently dropped into the moon roof and was quickly whisped away. As if this Brando figure was some kind of alien encounter, however the alien clearly coming in the form of a recognizable pop figure. The dream has not since repeated.


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