Band situation meets job prospect

I’ve invested over 3 years of my time, energy, money, and ears to play in an original band. Being in any band, you realize that there will be a series of lulls and series of thrills. Lulls, as “real-life” intervenes and doesn’t allow you to rehearse or write as frequently as you’d like. And then the thrills happen when a series of new songs seemingly come out of nowhere and you realize you have a few months ahead of you, to fine tune them and make them stage ready. These mini projects are the things that get you through long work days. These small unique packets of new, get you out of bed.

Recently I turned down a job offer, that would have paid more than my current job, but the hours would have interfered with playing in this band. So for a few more dollars an hour I would essentially be forfeiting the 3 plus years I had put into music with two other individuals and I couldn’t justify doing that. This band is my theoretical baby, my theoretical 2nd baby, and my theoretical mortgage rolled into one. It’s the only thing outside of the humdrum that is work, I want to invest my time in. Or I should generally say, the pursuit of being a formidable musician is as important to me, as kids/mortgage/marriage is to the majority. To sit back and imagine where we could be in just another 2 years, excites me and makes me want to do whatever I can to keep things go accordingly as they’ve been and not throw a huge curve ball into the situation via a new job.


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