Its been a while

What to post, what to post? Do any of you read this regularly? I see that this blog gets on average, 40 hits per day. But this seems misleading. The only real reaction this blog gets is off of a post I put up about Trader Joes Super Green Powder Supplement. All is quiet on every other front. Then there’s the obvious temptation of giving in and only writing about Trader Joes products in hope of getting similar reactions. Can’t be that much of health foods sell out, plus I’m not seeing a dime from TJ’s.

Why do I even keep this blog? With the NSA as rampant as it is, don’t we all have a small fear that our employers have some sort of query program themselves, that pings whenever certain words are written by their employees? This would make sense, in an attempt to root out rebellious or free thinking individuals. Kind of like Minority Report, in that the potential employee that exhibits free thought online, could potentially question company policy and cause a ripple within the workplace. You have to ask, why wouldn’t a company have some sort of tracking software implemented? Something that would have a database of names, with a string of dubious words, and if there’s a match anywhere on the web, then there’s further reason to look into this employee’s online activity.

That’s why I think there’s more of a push within Youtube, to actually identify who’s posting and commenting on videos. I always get the option of appearing either as my Gmail  name or my Youtube handle. I’m sure a lot of people just get annoyed by this and accept using their legal name to sign on. Accept and move on.


2 thoughts on “Its been a while

  1. I know you posted about it a long time ago, but do you still use the Trader Joe’s green powder? How’d it make you feel eventually.

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