Lorde, Donald Trump, Marijuana, and Gnostic Living.

Lorde divided 


The 2nd coming of Christ is partially Lorde the singer. She’s one of the many that are part of this epochs second coming transmission. In the most literal way she’s preaching against royalty, the striving to be among the elite/wealthy, and I think that’s why her message is resonating. The other side of the coin is Donald Trump and in a dualistic reality, many trumps will always be parading around. But that’s ok. Because maybe sooner or the kids of other trumps will turn away from such a shallow reality.

I believe Jesus divided his energies among thousands of GenXers and Millenials. The opposite of a destructive virus. He figured this would be the most efficient method in evolving the planet. Rather than putting all of the worlds wisdom, grace, and beauty into one man or woman, why not spread this form of wisdom into many. Why create one figurehead for the establishment to snuff out? (Lennon, Kennedy, Marley, Gandhi, etc etc etc) And it’s working! His message is coming across, but not in a holier than thou way. You could even say Pope Francis has some of this Jesus Juju inside of him and it’s allowing him to radically transform the catholic church.

72156f442869c8d69ba4bf9b9bd72468(painting by Alex Grey)

In my opinion, marijuana is quickly overtaking the deadly clutch that alcohol has had on the planet for many thousands of years. You can imagine a day when people will be able to see their bodies and lives in a virtual reality setting – 10, 20, 30 years down the road after having drank steadily every day of their life. “So this is what will happen to my skin, memory, outlook on life…if I drink in this way.” A kind of a projection center where users type in the drug, stimulant, etc. they want to see interacting with their own DNA structure over many years. This kind of visualization could turn a full generation off of alcohol and pills. Greater technology in this way could allow us to make more informed choices with how we choose to live.

God is and always has been a chameleon. Religions attempt to profit off of an individual’s “felt experience” and its childish use of metaphors to explain the unexplainable, has left quite a stale taste in humanity’s mouth in general. Having any kind of genuine felt experience and then relating to others experiences, that’s gnosis to me. Meeting someone halfway on almost anything is a spiritual act. Connecting with another human being is really the only church you should strive to be inside of. It’s not a brick and mortar church and there’s no real prophet to be made.

More on all of this at some later date.


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