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I'm a Umass-Amherst journalism Grad. circa 2007. Also an amateur musician (samfrancis.bandcamp.com)...posting here from time to time on my own experiences playing live, recording, and much more.

Lorde, Donald Trump, Marijuana, and Gnostic Living.

Lorde divided 


The 2nd coming of Christ is partially Lorde the singer. She’s one of the many that are part of this epochs second coming transmission. In the most literal way she’s preaching against royalty, the striving to be among the elite/wealthy, and I think that’s why her message is resonating. The other side of the coin is Donald Trump and in a dualistic reality, many trumps will always be parading around. But that’s ok. Because maybe sooner or the kids of other trumps will turn away from such a shallow reality.

I believe Jesus divided his energies among thousands of GenXers and Millenials. The opposite of a destructive virus. He figured this would be the most efficient method in evolving the planet. Rather than putting all of the worlds wisdom, grace, and beauty into one man or woman, why not spread this form of wisdom into many. Why create one figurehead for the establishment to snuff out? (Lennon, Kennedy, Marley, Gandhi, etc etc etc) And it’s working! His message is coming across, but not in a holier than thou way. You could even say Pope Francis has some of this Jesus Juju inside of him and it’s allowing him to radically transform the catholic church.

72156f442869c8d69ba4bf9b9bd72468(painting by Alex Grey)

In my opinion, marijuana is quickly overtaking the deadly clutch that alcohol has had on the planet for many thousands of years. You can imagine a day when people will be able to see their bodies and lives in a virtual reality setting – 10, 20, 30 years down the road after having drank steadily every day of their life. “So this is what will happen to my skin, memory, outlook on life…if I drink in this way.” A kind of a projection center where users type in the drug, stimulant, etc. they want to see interacting with their own DNA structure over many years. This kind of visualization could turn a full generation off of alcohol and pills. Greater technology in this way could allow us to make more informed choices with how we choose to live.

God is and always has been a chameleon. Religions attempt to profit off of an individual’s “felt experience” and its childish use of metaphors to explain the unexplainable, has left quite a stale taste in humanity’s mouth in general. Having any kind of genuine felt experience and then relating to others experiences, that’s gnosis to me. Meeting someone halfway on almost anything is a spiritual act. Connecting with another human being is really the only church you should strive to be inside of. It’s not a brick and mortar church and there’s no real prophet to be made.

More on all of this at some later date.


The nootropic Alpha Brain, a dead end job, 5 careers, and other thoughts

The void is felt and it permeates throughout my stomach and then streams up around my ears and subtly floods my mind, in waves. It’s really apparent when I’ve been quiet for some time while at work. Will I be here when I’m 40? (31 right now) Whatever happened to that notion of the average american changing their careers 5-6 times in their lives? What I do now is really even just a job not a career, so I’m waiting for 5 careers to appear miraculously over the next 30 years of my working life.

It’s like being in a maze and just maybe “another job” will fill this void. But of course the nagging expression we’ve heard since childhood “well the grass is always greener…” rears its ugly face again and again and straightens me the fuck out, temporarily.

It is now 12:33 AM EST and I’m entering day 3 of my Alpha Brain Trial. I plan on taking this nootropic for 30 days straight as there are 30 pills per bottle. It could be that Joe Rogan has finally just won out, as I’ve heard him say “Alpha Brain” countless times on his podcast and its turned me into just another dumb sheep. But who knows maybe it’ll force me to write more as I review its effects on me. When I woke up this morning, it seemed like I had several vivid dreams (one of the claims of the supplement) however none left enough of an impression for me to remember anything.

But getting back to writing, I use to write a lot more when I was single, say 2 1/2 years ago. I’d go to coffee shops, mostly Starbucks because who’s  kidding who, the Mom and Pop coffee shop can be found where? So i’d go to mostly Starbucks and bring my paranormal/conspiracy books along with a notebook to scribble in. I don’t miss the anxiety and desperation those sessions would place in me. It’s pure aimlessness that you can only achieve when you’re single. Your days off of work are completely your own and you’re able to craft your day as you see fit. But all that really means is you can wake up late, after a night of heavy boozing, and drink coffee for a couple of hours. Then go home and do other aimless things by yourself wishing you had a girlfriend, so not so great.

I did realize today that in certain situations or in certain groups we’re only truly there as bit parts for other people. Like my band “The Tribe” playing a show tomorrow could be a small thing compared to the huge decision someone drinking at the bar is about to make. A decision that might affect his/her life for years to come. Maybe they hear a song we’re playing and it changes their minds? (Butterfly effect) But aren’t we all influencing each other on the most minute of levels, at all times? We just lack the big picture perspective to truly know how these cumulative choices have on each other. Maybe when we die we’re able to look back at specific moments and see how so and so was effected?

With music, you’re always working towards some kind of goal. Collectively learning songs, lyrics, chords, and all the rest. There’s an end in sight but all involved have to stay in the moment to get there. It could be why it felt so odd to interview my friend Greg when I tried to do a podcast this past summer. Reacting in the moment demanded too much from me personally, making me slow to react and ending up too much in my head while trying to actively play the role of host. I didn’t have a cover song to divert my ego and I couldn’t hide behind planned out chord progressions. And it made me realize that great comedians and podcasters are just great at expressing their personalities without hesitation. I have way too many filters in place and getting to that flow point in conversation has always been difficult for me. “Grow my hair, I wanna be wanna be Jim Morrison.” (Thus spoke Thom Yorke on Radiohead’s album Pablo Honey.) I wanna be what I’m not and it’s currently too hard to just accept my own limitations in life.

I choose Music above all else


I chose to be born into this dimension, to highlight the groovy and sensual music notes of yester-year, today, and hopefully tomorrow. I want to be a goodwill music ambassador until the day i die. I want to continually turn friends onto new bands that will hopefully open their minds in positive and impactful ways. Then there’s the hope that they’ll also start to turn on their friends to what kind of music they’re currently into and this model of paying it musically forward will continue infinitely. 90 percent of my Facebook posts consist of praising a new band I recently discovered, sharing music videos in general, or posting some of my original music. Its the last portal of truth to exist in an overly jaded, paranoid, politically correct, corporate/fascist reality.


When we’re faced with the prospect of a never ending Orwellian Wartime Scenario, the comforting warmth of Hendrix on vinyl, Thom Yorke through a nice pair of headphones, or Funkadelic wherever, all become trusty allies towards ones sanity. A healthy, productive, and soul enriching escape. And when engaged in the act of writing music, that singular act is all that matters in that moment. Rumors of Wars, Ebola, and political theater, are all immediately dumped into the darkness of some desolate and meaningless corner of my left brain.

Musical happenings as of late

Miranda – the band I’ve been in for the last 5 years, is finishing recording its second album. We’ve logged about 17 hours of recording and mixing over the last 4 months. The process has been relatively easy, as we definitely put the hours in to prepare ourselves. Whenever someone asks us, “So who/what do you sound like?”, I’m always dumbfounded. It’s like someone asking you what a 3 course meal at a fancy restaurant tasted like. Of course there are a lot of adjectives you could use, but you want to be brief and sum up the experience for the other person. Like how the appetizer was presented, all the textures involved with the actual taste, and so on with the main course and dessert as well. So when you’ve written 12 songs, that touch on many different genres of music, it can be difficult to sum up “our sound” in a few sentences. It’s like I don’t want to sell ourselves short by just saying we sound like band A, B, C, or D. But describing music in general is often tedious and always less than satisfactory.

My other musical project at the moment is a cover band. Well it’s just the two of us, playing acoustic guitars and singing. It’s been really enjoyable over the last couple months, just learning new songs and stretching my vocal range. We have about 40 songs that we want to end up learning, so I can’t wait to see where we end up with playing out live. Plus there’s the promise of getting paid! Which is a definite perk, but I realize I’d be playing these cover tunes at my place or with friends either way, so the pay is just an added benefit.

Before The Androids – Pilot Episode 001

On this initial podcast, I venture to distant lands. Just trying to feel this thing out but it’s mostly oriented around a book about a time traveling musical impressario. I also Talk about comedic impressions I messed around with in my 20s and the general psychology around forming an impression. Michael Caine, Arnold, and the typical New England Jabronie I’ve encountered a few times in life. So hop aboard, it’ll probably get much weirder as we go along and hypothetically crush grapes to arrive at the much coveted bottle of fine red wine.