Women no longer get pregnant in the traditional way

Year is 2025

Women no longer get pregnant in the traditional fashion. It’s all transferred to the net with complete baby customization. A baby customization industry has emerged! Photoshopology, has become what engineering and science once represented. The skills are learned to use PS, all in preparation for when they reach the age of 27 and a final composite must be submitted to the department of life enforcement or DLE. The ideal baby is created through several sessions using software, guided by life creator techs. Real actual physical men are no longer a part of any actual society. Males are cloned with the specific sperm that will fulfill the females perfect/preferred baby. This specific sperm is crafted and formulated by the smartest scientists and engineered alive. They hold the most important positions in society, essentially crafting it, however at the free will of the women that demand their own unique kind of a human. So free will still exists, as no quotas are observed for anyone particular kind of human.

All men are trained from birth, their only function while alive is to stay strong and fertile. They do not smoke, drink, and maintain the proper diet for the kind of sperm their housing. So men essentially live to no older than 24. The preferred husband male-bots that are created, become the wives possession. After a female has their preferred baby made, they initiate the male patent blueprint they’ve created, usually by the age of 24. The male-bot is created within 3 days, then shipped to the woman’s home. Other male-bots ship the body in a wooden crate, via BotDelivers, which is owned by Marc Cuban.

This new earth is wholly suited for females. The technology required to create human life, minus any physical intercourse, has been established along with male robots, so actual males are no longer needed. There’s also a strong monopoly surrounding virtual edit bays, which vie for a woman’s money. Ads are constantly blasted towards girls as their growing up. Photoshop/Lifeshop software is constantly being improved and marketing/admen are still alive and strong.


Possible occurrences in NMW or Non Male World


Women create babies from the age of 4-24. Constantly trained and inspired during schooling years. Some listen up, others rebel, some create humans that have never been seen before. It’s all a mixed pot of creation.

All real men are born and bred specifically underground. Specific sperm bodies are created. Called “SpermShells” or “Creator-bods”

It was necessary for earths alien guardians to implement this change, for everything was mostly going wrong on earth because of male’s actions. A new experiment had to be heralded in order to sustain earth for the next 100 years.

Certain girls rebelled against what the state suggest they create. Or some fled the breed program altogether, vowing to live in communes without creating kids. Rebel sectors are few and far between, but maintain 5% of the population.

Boys that are created by women, are born without usable sperm. These males must integrate with the male-bot population. This creates a lot of tension initially. Any male that thinks of harming/killing a bot is automatically sent underground and must work for the sperm facility.

Solar panels are  placed on every roof. Sustaining houses energy/heat/cooling needs, wholly independent of a national grid. Every other house on a block grows food and the whole block is amply fed. The following year, the other house grows, as this aids in not creating too much top soil.

Orgasm soundtracks are appearing on Itunes, as girls perform real orgiastic wails, over the best produced music in the Biz. This is the preferred music to teenagers, words are almost totally gone from the music Biz. Music is merely a tool for people to remember what an orgasm use to sound like.

Everyone that wants to, obtains a “Real World” like automated camera setup in their house/apt. Millions try to star in their own sitcom or reality show, however many fail to get good numbers. Money is gone, as sustaining your basic needs has been completely figured out. Life is much more of a popularity contest as the arts are all that really exists, or why people wake up or plan out their future. Automated bots farm the field, pick the food, and cooks dinner. Finally living, mechanical comfort eagle.


Kurt and Daniel

Silverchair’s melodious music-men of yesteryear. Freak comatose commodity: Some hailed Kurt but it was really Daniel Johns that was technically, closer to a state of Nirvana. He was just born into the wrong country at the wrong time. Johns was a more mature soul and wouldn’t have killed his body off at 27. Kurt slipped through the right spacial vortex, a 1 out of 200,000 chance and he picked right, but again his soul was still quite young for such a powerful mission.

Kurt hung in earth’s relative cosmos for nearly 100 years, before descending. That was slightly above the 75 year average it took, for most humans to find an appropriate black vortex for their earth mission. Daniel Johns took too long and it’s rumored, that both Johns and Cobain had made it their mission, as souls in the cosmos, to find this unique musical portal vortex or UMPV. This mystical vortex, with its fantastical trend changing characteristics was exclaimed as the brightest pearl of the muse kingdom, many elder musician souls would tirelessly talk of it. (And was how Bach, Mozart, Elvis, and Jimi entered) Truly an aquarius source-field of incarnative-accelerated power.

Cobain was diminishing, as his nearly 200 years as pure soul was waning on him and he was close to dropping subterranean, around the year 1966. And suddenly as if by some “dumb” luck, this vortex was discovered and Kurt immediately emitted a purplish, hazel, and blinding white cloud around his soul’s essence and danced his way through it! The reason he killed himself at 27, is because the amount of pressure his chakras had to endure, was becoming too much. He was receiving too much from the muse sector of the Logos and felt, immaturely, that he must cut his cord and go back to asses his earthly mistakes.

Daniel Johns is of course still alive. Johns is also known for his Animal Rights support. His passion for animal rights issues are apparent in the track “Spawn Again” on Neon Ballroom. He has also done various television campaigns including “Kentucky Fried Cruelty” for Peta and an IFAW commercial.

We’re all becoming reporters because we feel the earth is about to…

       I had this what if scenario pop in my head last night. What if all this documenting we’re doing, via camera phones, ustream, ipads, and “I” everything else – is a sub-conscious attempt to grab everything under a lense before it all blows up in front of us? As if we as a race, can feel the plug about to be pulled, whether it will be through nuclear annihilation, comet/asteoroid, or something else. We are producing the artifacts that the future of humanity will rely on, in order to piece together and come up with some formulation of our “past civilization”, in order to move forward. We’re doing this in order that humanity can progress, beyond any kind of massive attack we may be faced with in the future. Which could also be a tie into reincarnation, as we would want to come back to a place that was similar to when we were alive.
             My generation (30 and younger) and generation’s younger are essentially sacrificing being alive, being in the moment, for the role of note taker, record recorder, and videographer. You see this with 90 percent of concert goers being their own documentarian for the evening, focusing more on 3 inches of screen, rather than the amazing musical display that is flesh and blood in front of them. A band they may never see again in person, yet they’re more content mostly preserving the evening for later viewing. But why? Why such a need to be this reporter? Is this just a new “Ken Burnsian” gene we’ve all acquired and we want to be the best documentarian on our block? Or does our planet face some extreme attack and only our electronics will somehow be salvagable for the few remaining humans that survive?
             I also think all of this data mining is new to us, this ability to record and capture, and ability to file it away for presumably all eternity. It’s a new sensation for our brains to grasp. Where as before it was a given that you’d take in as much as you could from a live performance, then go home and recount the event in the finest of detail; Which I think forced people to acquire a stronger vocabulary, as the better story teller was the more fascinating and wanted person at any dinner party or gathering. It forced people to be more literate and imaginative. I mean the original movie star, before movie stars, was the author – the famous author that held private parties. High society always had their host of authors and historians on hand to entertain the crowds. Now it’s just point and click, don’t ask me, just watch. In this way we’re kind of reverting back to our ape like tendencies, as we say less, and act out more, just look at youtube. 2 minutes of extreme living, aka “jackass” scenarios, or any other daring stunt is becoming what our prime time entertainment revolves around. (Tosh.O – return of Fear Factor – Wacky stunt shows we’ve imported from Japan – UFC/MMA – list goes on)
              I also believe we’re trying desperately to hold on to our physical bodies, as computers demand more of our minds and glue us to chairs. We’re putting our bodies through more challenges, to prove ourselves to this new world stage, and to prove that computers haven’t completely rendered our bodies useless, just yet.
           Then there’s the potential idea that our facebook wall’s are repositories for our future selves, when we might be suffering from some dementia or Alzheimers. Maybe a unique way of remembering, with hopefully the right drugs to slow down the degrading process. Humans in general are very intuitive and I think most of this technology goes beyond the instant gratification of gaming and new apps to share with friends. I think it’s being created in as a way to insure future generations can pick up where we left off. Just a hunch.

Will you be reincarnated as a household pet?

So this is me trying to get back to posting something once a day, a worthy goal for any wannabe writer on the net. Today’s subject revolves around reincarnation and specifically people reincarnating into household pets. I’ve never really read anything on this idea, thus my interest in the idea. If living within every moment of your life, is the ultimate goal to conscious living, then the life of a cat comes pretty close to this. If you live with cats you understand how articulate, speculative, and precise a cat can be when it moves about its day. Although you’d say speculation is part of a forward thinking, future based mental process, it’s more so instant speculation and instant decision making. Just watch as your cat eyeballs you with its dead stare, right before it either moves towards you or swats at spirits us mere humans will never see.

13 years of sizing up each moment, opportunity, or curious adventure and testing their bodies limits. (stretching, clawing, yawning, licking at odd angles) 13 years, all provided for carte blanche; food, housing, heating, water, activities, love, compassion, and whatever brand of cat nip they so desire. In short, living like miniature furry kings and queens. Ultimately the destiny little girls aspire to, as their parents read to them about beautiful princesses that essentially make it through life just for being beautiful – all is provided. (Hopefully these same girls grow up to desire a life that’s somewhat more fulfilling and empathetic towards others, but you understand my point.)

So what if cats and dogs are just housing the souls of very old human souls? It’s the last go around, the last time these souls will ever take on physical properties that are allowed to roam around planet earth. A great way to sum up your soul’s existence, by being in a state of complete “awareness” never having to consider the past or future, just required to be a simple cat or dog. And all the while your human owner will cherish you, look out for you, train your small cat or dog body with all the habits you’ll have to take on – lest you not piss off said owner too frequently. But you’ll receive an overall feeling of being honored as a pet, something never dreamed of while in a human state. This is of course assuming that your owner would be a caring, loving, and compassionate gatekeeper for your last go around on earth.

Karma would have to play into being with an owner that was physically/mentally harmful, or just plain ignored your existence, maybe feeding you just often enough to keep you alive. Maybe for some sick sadistic reason.

You have to reason then, just like humans, that to every cuddly cat or playful dog that exists, the opposite must be true. Orphaned dogs, runaway dogs, rebel dogs, killer dogs, and all the rest. Karma pets through and through. But this hypothesis relies on the fact that humans last pit stop with reincarnation is by being either a pet or animal. An abandoned animal would be a human soul that left his or her own family and now must face the opposite, albeit in a very fragile body that cannot speak a human’s language. The situations pets or animals are found in our reality could all just be seen in a cause and effect kind of way – a karmic retribution pattern.

12-15 years is about the average amount for any household pet to live and if you were truly living in the moment as a pet, I’m sure this time would seem more like 4-5 years or maybe even less. But what a way to cap off your soul’s earthly existence. No need for language, no need to be understood, no need to form a career, care for kids, etc. Pure being, with a never ending amount of naps strewn about the day. And throughout this venture, a constant source of love for your owner, a pure energetic being that radiates love and compassion just by being there. Hitler cats, Gandhi cats, Stalin dogs, Pope John dogs, and whatever other personality you could translate into an animal.

Extreme gaming collides with Sports – NBA players and Gamers get paid the same

Imagine a sporting world where hardcore gamers take on the finest physical specimens of the world. Steroids are used and actually encouraged by the commissioner of the NBA, as the ultimate champion is decided each season, between gamer and freak athlete. Imagine computer brains, metal encased heads, atop shredded organic bodies, fully controlled by gamers of all ages.

So basically a basketball stadium would be set up like this. Where the press and announcers currently sit, is where these gamers would sit with their controllers and monitors. This would be the most interactive way to be apart of sports as a privledged group of gaming teams would compete against the best athletes.

It would have to start off in a gradual manner, as let’s say 1 gamer would control a bench player for so many minutes during a game. A level of trust would have to be developed between the live players and the sim players. Once a kind of trust is developed between the athletes and the gamers, amazing things could happen within the game. It would really become a much more mental game, as these simbot players would never tire – so I guess you would have to have a limit on how many minutes they could actually play, in order to compensate for the live players having normal fatigue and injury issues. But as this kind of interactive game got going, you could have fully functioning sim teams and it would truly be the start of man vs. machine, but the machines still being controlled by men.

So imagine a group of 5 diehard basketball fans that happen to be very quick with a gaming controller taking on the lebron james and dwight howards of the world! Stuffing their faces with wings and pizza inbetween quarters. It would truly be brain vs. might. Who would have the advantage? I suppose you’d have to regulate speed, strength, height, and weight and essentially not allow these simbot players to be insanely superior in their physical makeup, in order for there to be viewing interest.

There would have to be a good amount of competition and the crowds would be strictly divided between pro-gamers and pro-athletes. Pro-man and Pro-machine, which is what we’re already fighting or accepting in at least a theoretical way. This would actually bring it into focus, in real time, for a paying audience that would be entertained at the same time, everybody wins! But you got to imagine what would happen if a fight broke out? The simbot players would feel no actual pain, so this would always be a threat. I guess the real athletes would just ignore the machines and go straight for the gamers.

However what if these gamers played from a remote location? Again the trust issue pops up. But also the excitement of never knowing how serious either side would take “the game”. Who would make more money? Who would deserve more money? If the simbot players were more entertaining, would the gamers end of making more money? Do sports ultimately evolve into this kind of mental playing field, where NBA Jam happens in the real world, except anyone can compete? Do we all just get so tired of the rift between the super rich athletes and everyday people, that this kind of premise can actually come into being?

Abraham Lincoln to appear in Black Eyed Peas video?

Ok, not really, but Lincoln Bot just makes sense. Lincoln was ahead of his time, a visionary, and futurist. So why not imagine Abe in the 21st century!  Although in this is a more flamboyant Lincoln. I can imagine a mechanical musical, with historical figures all dressed up in outlandish, electronic suits. Just moving around on the stage, reciting famous speeches in a Stephen Hawking kind of voice.